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Daylesford Organic

daylesford.pngThey call themselves a farm shop, and Daylesford is that, but it is quite simply the best of the very best of farm shops!

Selling it’s own organic produce grown or reared on the farm in Daylesford just minutes away from Chipping Norton, they also offer carefully selected products and produce from other local businesses.

Apart from the farm shop, Daylesford has a restaurant, a cookery school, a clothes shop and a spa. Even if you’re not out to buy any produce, eat or try out the spa, you simply must go to Daylesford just for the experience!

Jaffe & Neale

jaffe-and-neale.pngIf you like books, Jaffe & Neale is an absolute must in Chipping Norton.

Located right in the centre of town, Jaffe & Neale also serve lovely cake and coffee in their book shop, making sure to maintain its status as favourite meeting place for locals, while encouraging young and old to read.

Rollright Stones

rollright-stones.pngLocated just outside Chipping Norton and consisting of 3 sets of stones, The King’s Men, The King Stone and The Whispering Knights, the Rollright stones are an impressive sight and if in or near Chipping Norton, a trip there is interesting and fun for the family too.

The name “Rollright” originally comes from the word “Hrolla-landriht” meaning “The land of Hrolla”.

The Theatre in Chipping Norton

theatre-chipping-norton.pngNot just your “standard” local theatre.. The Chipping Norton Theatre is so much more and famous especially for the yearly panto that people come from near and far to see year after year.


ticketyboo.pngA truly wonderful little gem of a shop in the centre of town, with a great product selection for mums and children alike, Tickityboo is a must of you have children or if you’re buying a gift for someone who does.

No shop window in Chipping Norton (and indeed the Cotswolds) will make you smile like that of Tickityboo.. always wonderful colours and pretty displays, if you're not in the market for children's clothes, toys or accessories, do yourself a favour and walk past the shop, just to have a peek at the window.

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