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This World Heritage site is one of the England’s most beautiful cities. The city’s theatres, museums, bars and restaurants are sure to impress you and offer a wide range of things to do when visiting. We've found over the years that there is simply never enough time to squeeze in everything that Bath has to offer, plus its many events over the course of the year make it one of those locations that you can visit time and again and never tire of!

Bath is very much a town for shoppers. Home to a large number of really great shops, all in walking distance from each other as most are located within the same square kilometre that is the town centre of Bath. The well-known brand shops and restaurants sit happily next door to independently owned shops and eateries and this, essentially, is what makes up the wonderful shopping town that is Bath.

While staying in your holiday cottage in Bath, you'll have the opportunity to experience some of England's finest visitor attractions, from gardens and stately homes to museums and art galleries.

Bath has been a popular tourist destination for centuries - with its Roman baths, hot springs and museums you can take yourself on a trip through time!

Interestingly Bath invented the concept of farmers markets! Unbelievably that was only in 1987? The Bath Farmers’ Market is just as popular today as it was when it first began, running every Saturday morning at Green Park Station with all food sourced within a 40 mile radius of the city.

October is an important month in Bath (for the foodie!) as this is when the Great Bath Feast kicks off, which is a month-long food festival championing the best of the city’s local eateries and producers, so this is always a good month to visit our cottages!

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