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Things to do in Bath

With so many things to do in Bath, you will wish you had more time to explore the Roman city. Full of history, Bath is a beautiful place to visit all year round. No matter what you love, there is something in Bath for you.

Just a short distance from the Cotswolds, Bath is a historic city that has been well maintained over the years. With shopping, hiking, sightseeing and relaxation, Bath caters for all. Whether you are visiting with your family, friends or partner, there are many places to visit in Bath.

Carry on reading to find out more about our 9 of the best things to do in Bath…

Historic Sights




Places to visit in Bath with Children


Historic Sights

Bath is a historic town that has been thriving ever since the Romans first founded it. The city found its unique style during the 18th-century and was once famous for its wool industry. If you are looking to learn more about the history of Britain or see the impressive 18th-century buildings, Bath’s attractions are the perfect place to start.

From thermal spas to gothic abbeys, you will be sure to keep the whole family entertained throughout your stay. Whether you are visiting for the weekend or longer, there are many things to do in Bath.

If you are short on time and want a quick recommendation, these are two of our favourite places to visit in Bath.

Visit the Roman Baths

Roman Baths

With the city names after Roman thermal spas, the historic baths are one of the best attractions in Bath. Opening seven days a week, the thermal baths offer an insight into the Roman heritage of the city.

Walking in the footsteps of Sulis Minerva, you can see the original spa, visit the museum and take a guided tour around the picturesque sight. With over one million visitors a year, the ancient Roman Baths are one of the most popular things to do in Bath city.

Opening Times: Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 17:00, Sat – Sun: 9:00 – 18:00 (opening times vary throughout the year, check Roman Baths Website for more information.
Location: Roman Baths, Abbey Church Yard, Bath, BA1 1LZ

Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey

For over a thousand years, Bath Abbey has been a place of worship for many Christians. Throughout that time, the Abbey has changed its appearance on various occasions. Nowadays, you can enjoy the Gothic Abbey for its stunning architecture and as a place of worship.

No matter your reason for visiting, Bath Abbey is one of the most picturesque religious buildings to see in Bath. The Abbey accepts all visitors and several live services take place throughout the week.

If the Abbey is of particular interest to you, many tours are available to explore further. Take an opportunity to examine the bell chamber, clock and take in the stunning view from the top of the tower. With hundreds of years of history and the endless information on offer, the Abbey is one of the best things to do in Bath. For another ancient Abbey, read “Lacock Abbey: Everything you need to know!

Opening Times: Mon – Sat: 10:00 – 18:00, Sun: 12:00 – 14:00
Location: Bath, BA1 1LT (Opposite the Roman Baths)


One of the best ways to find out more about the history and meet the locals is by visiting one of the local markets. You can find great food, gifts, alcohol and a sense of achievement when you find that perfect item. If you enjoy searching for unusual trinkets, flea markets are some of the best places to visit in Bath.

Bath is renowned for its number of high-quality markets throughout the year. From Christmas to monthly markets, you can be sure to find something that interests you.

Bath Christmas Market

Bath Christmas Market

If you are visiting Bath throughout the winter, the Christmas market is a must-visit. The Victorian streets lined with decorations, artisan stalls, food and mulled wine make this market stand out from the rest.

With so many unique stalls to see, you will begin to immerse yourself in the festivities and enjoy everything the Bath Christmas markets have to offer. From Santa and reindeers to hog roasts and hot chocolate, the Christmas market is a magical thing to do in Bath with children.

See the market website to find out the exact dates of the Bath Christmas market this year.

Opening Times: Mon – Wed, 10:00 – 19:00; Thur – Sat, 10:00 – 20:00; Sun, 10:00 – 18:00
Location: Throughout the city

Bath Vintage and Antique Market

Bath Antique and vintage market

If you are lucky enough to visit Bath on the last Sunday of the month, the Vintage and Antique market is a busy spot to find a bargain. Take your time searching the stalls for anything from antiques to collectables and much more.

With upcycling becoming a more popular activity, this market offers unique antiques with a breath of fresh air. Because of this, you can find bargains here that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

If you get tired during your visit to the Vintage and Antique Market, why don’t you take a break in one of the local tea rooms.

Opening Times: Last Sunday of the month, 8:30 – 16:00
Location: Green Park Station, Green Park Road, Bath, BA1 1J


Walking the many trails is one of the best ways of discovering all there is to know about Bath. From steam mills to Georgian architecture, walking around the ancient streets is a journey of discovery.

If you have explored the city centre and want to go further, why not try the Kennet and Avon trail. The walk will take you on a short adventure around the city’s famous waterways.

The Kennet and Avon Trail

River avon trail

Located on the River Avon, the Kennet and Avon trail is a gorgeous display of everything the city offers. The two-mile circuit follows the canal past photo opportunities such as Sydney Wharf and Cleaveland House. 

As you approach the end of the circuit, you loop back around to the city centre and see the stunning Pulteney Bridge. Take a moment to enjoy the remarkable views and explore the unique shops located on the bridge.

For an enthusiastic walker, the Kennet and Avon trail offers historical sights and river views. The walk is accessible for ramblers of all abilities and has many rest points along the way.

Location: Starting from Sydney Gardens, the walk is signposted along the canal and back into the city.


Sometimes we all need a little rest and relaxation. Bath has a choice of big-name brands and individual sellers. Indulge yourself on a shopping spree along the luxurious streets and settle down for a bite to eat after all that hard work.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for gifts, something will take your fancy along the streets of Bath.

Milsom Street

Milsom Street

At the heart of Bath, Milsom Street is a must-stop destination for those looking for some retail therapy. You will find a range of luxury designer brands, jewellers and accessory stores.

Nestled in the centre of the street is Milsom Place. The beautiful Georgian architecture and courtyards are a perfect setting for your afternoon of shopping in Bath. Whether buying or browsing, you will struggle to find many shopping experiences as impressive as this.

Along the way are several gluttonous eateries to give you a taste of Bath as you spend your day shopping.

Opening Times: Mon – Sat, 10:00 – 17:00
Location: Milsom Street, Bath, BA1 1DN

Things to do in Bath with Children

With so much culture, Bath is an ideal place to take the children in the UK. The majority of activities in Bath are family-friendly and offer discounted rates on entry.

Dotted all around the city are many unique attractions that will keep your little ones engaged. If you are unsure of things to do in Bath with children, why not try one of these activities to start your next adventure.

Herschel Museum of Astronomy

Hershel museum globe

Walk in the shoes of the talented Herschel astronomers and relive the moments that helped discover the planet Uranus.

The Herschel Museum is a fantastic day out with the kids. Looking through antique telescopes, globes and the beautiful garden, you will be able to see the inspiration behind the Herschel families obsession with astrology and music.

Throughout the year, there are several day and night sessions with the functioning telescopes. You can explore the limits of outer space and meet trained, expert astronomers. Put on your space boots and take a journey through the cosmos with the whole family.

Opening Times: Wed – Sun, 10:00 – 17:00
Location: 19 New King St, Bath BA1 2BL

Longleat Safari Park

Camels at Longleat Safari Park

Take the family on an adventure through the jungle with a visit to Longleat safari park. Known as one of the best Safari parks in the UK, Longleat is the perfect destination for children and adults.

The park gets up close and personal with majestic animals and helps you introduce your children to the wonders of nature. From Jungle cruises to the family farmyard, Longleat is sure to leave a lasting impression on any keen explorers.

Longleat is about 20 miles from Bath but is an unforgettable experience that you cannot get in the city centre.

Opening Times: Peak, Mon – Sun, 10:00 – 18:00; Off peak, Mon – Sun, 10:00 – 17:00
Location: Warminster, BA12 7NW


With such a rich history, museums are one of the best things to do in Bath. Whether you are interested in history, culture, food or art, Bath will have a museum perfect for you.

Depending on the museum, you can enjoy audio tours, guided tours, and interactive activities to entertain the whole family.

Jane Austen Centre

Jane Austen centre entrance

Often regarded as one of Bath’s most famous residents, Jane Austen is an icon still relevant today. The Jane Austen Centre walks through the history of her life and explores the legacy that the novelist left behind.

With historically dressed guides, Jane Austen’s work is brought to life before your eyes. With interactive and immersive elements, the museum is a great place to visit in Bath with children.

If you want to dive further into the life of Jane Austen, the centre does several walks around the city that explore highlights of the novelist’s life.

Opening Times: Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 17:00, Sat – Sun: 9:00 – 18:00 (opening times vary throughout the year, check Roman Baths Website for more information.
Location: Roman Baths, Abbey Church Yard, Bath, BA1 1LZ

Bath is a fantastic place to visit all year round. From thermal spas to luxury shopping, you are never too far away from interesting things to do in Bath. Book a stay in one of these self-catering Bath cottages to make your visit unforgettable.

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