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The Slaughters – it’s not exactly a name you would associate with the Cotswolds or anything lovely, pretty or quaint! And yet the Slaughters, Upper and Lower, are two villages next to each other in the Cotswolds that draw in the visitors in their tens and tens of thousands every year. Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter are, as you would expect, just a short distance from each other and just minutes from one of the biggest tourist destinations in the Cotswolds, Bourton-on-the-Water, also know for it's outstanding beauty.


lower-upper-slaughter-manor-cottages-cotswolds-cottages-4.jpgNow, Bourton-on-the-Water is beautiful, absolutely, but it is also one of the largest Cotswold villages and with an abundance of restaurants, pubs, museums, attractions and shops, the beauty is not of the quiet and tranquil kind, it is very much a tourist destination that caters for the many. Not so with Upper- and Lower Slaughter. Here there are no High Streets or shops, no abundance of anything other than unrivalled, unbelievable, outstanding natural beauty.

The Slaughters

upper-lower-slaughter-manor-cottages-cotswolds-2.jpgUpper and Lower Slaughter have a few hotels between them, a handful of holiday cottages and one wonderful museum, The Old Mill, which with it's super, little cafe and crafts- and gift shop is worth the trip all on it's own. And that's it. The pull of these two Cotswold villages is, without doubt, the outstanding natural beauty and the tranquillity, definitely not one to miss when on holiday in the Cotswolds.

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But don't be fooled, just because there is no High Street, doesn't mean there isn't an abundance of things to do in the Slaughters. One of the main attractions is simply to drink in the amazing sights that greet you everywhere you turn. Even when the weather is not at its best you will still be taken in by the amazing sights here.

The River Eye

The beautiful River Eye can be seen lazily threading its path through Lower Slaughter, and you can walk along the footpath on one side of it too. The cottages and properties here are very traditional, very 'Cotswolds', in fact.

Much of the delight of the Slaughters is in the scenery, so get your walking boots ready and get exploring as there is a charming array of walks you can go on, and many people take the opportunity to walk from Upper to Lower Slaughter, or the other way around. It’s about a mile to go from one to the other, so a leisurely two mile walk can be had completing a round trip back to your car again, no matter which part you decide to start at.

The Old Mill

upper-lower-slaughter-manor-cottages-cotswolds-old-mill.jpgBe sure to look at The Old Mill and drop in there for a cup of tea on your travels too. It is easy enough to spot with its old chimney pointing into the sky. The Old Mill is in Lower Slaughter and it houses the museum as well as a gift shop. A visit to the Slaughters wouldn't be complete by a browse around here.

As you can see, basing any Cotswolds holiday in or near the Slaughters is a good decision. Not only does it enable you to see these pretty locations but you should also be able to get to other charming parts of the Cotswolds very easily as well. All in all this is one of the key parts of the region to visit, and if you can book a UK weekend break there (or longer), what more could you ask for?

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