Cotswolds Water Park Holidays Cottages & Lakeside Holiday Cottages

More than 40 square miles of 150 lakes and a great number of different providers of leisure activities throughout the area, you will not run out of things to do any time soon. Nowhere in the Cotswolds do you get as many outdoor activities and adventurous activities as within the Cotswold Water Park.

cotswold-water-park-4.jpgCotswold Water Park is NOT what you might think! There are no water slides, log flumes or similar - it is, in fact, a collection of 150 lakes, making it one of the UK's largest Nature Reserves.

Its transformation into what it is today started only 50 years ago when gravel extraction commenced, leaving huge lakes behind which were ideal for a variety of uses including natural redevelopment and some water activities, such as fishing and sailing. It is a mostly peaceful environment.

The Water Park is the catchment area of the Upper Thames which, over millions of years, laid down vast deposits of sand and gravel as it eroded the Cotswolds.

A number of villages sit either in the designated 'Cotswold Water Park' or just outside it. While there is still some gravel extraction, today the area is best known as a Site of Specific Interest for its geology and for its various nature reserves which provide protected areas for endangered wildlife.

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