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guided-tours-in-the-cotswolds-manor-cottages.jpgWhen you visit the Cotswolds you can plan your own exploration of the surrounding areas, of course, but you could also opt for a guided tour and these are likely to show you areas you may otherwise have missed.

Go Cotswolds

Go Cotswolds offers a really fantastic tour option three days’ a week, which could be just what you are after. A day tour starts at around half-nine, and finishes at about 5pm, so you can enjoy a full day out and perhaps book a meal in the evening to round off the perfect day too. The Cotswolds Day Tour option takes in such highlights as Broadway Tower, Bourton-on-the-Water and Chipping Campden among other places.

Blue Badge Tour Guide Anne Bartlett

You can opt for a Blue Badge Tour Guide experience courtesy of Anne Bartlett. She offers both coach tours and walking tours, so you can opt for whichever one takes your fancy. The coach tour enables you to reach a larger area from wherever your Cotswolds holiday cottage happens to be located. On the other hand, you can explore a local area such as Chipping Campden or Cirencester on foot.

Cotswolds Adventures

Next up is Cotswolds Adventures. This company caters for small groups and offers cycling tours and a half-day tour alongside the scheduled options. If you are with a group of people you might like to opt for the private chauffeur-driven tour alternative. The advantage this company offers is the benefit of ready-made tours, or you can opt for a tailor-made one to ensure you see the places you really want to see.

Cotswold Journeys

You might also want to learn more about a company called Cotswold Journeys. They offer a range of tours as well, many of which may begin from close by your Cotswolds holiday cottage. They can provide tailor-made tours as well as cycling and walking tours. Some of the options they offer are self-guided, which can be ideal if you want some kind of plan to follow, but without the requirement to have a tour guide with you all the time.

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As you can see, there are many ways to explore the Cotswolds. While you can cycle, go on foot or take a guided tour by coach, there is sure to be something that will really appeal to you in some way. Indeed, a guided tour could turn an enjoyable Cotswolds-based holiday into the perfect one for your needs. Check out the options available today.