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A picnic requires more than just good weather. It requires great scenery too, and surely there can be no better example of this than in the Cotswolds. This Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty covers over 2,038 km², making the biggest challenge narrowing down the many beautiful spots to choose from for your picnic.

Our Favourite Picnic Areas In The Cotswolds:

1. Abbey Park in Evesham

Not far from the River Avon, just up the A44 from Broadway, Abbey Park offers beautiful open grass areas on which to spread a picnic blanket, not to mention numerous picnic benches as an alternative. It’s a great place for the kids to play and get rid of excess energy, as well as offering great views and a spot to simply kick back and let any stress disappear. Bliss.

2. Neigh Bridge Country Park

Anyone staying in or near the Cotswold Water Park should definitely make a beeline for this beautiful area. Picnic benches are provided here, for those who prefer a proper seat; however, there are many secluded spots to be found too. This is the park to choose if you are eager to work up an appetite first. It’s flat, and there are plenty of places you can simply stop and set up a tasty spread.

3. The Broadway Playground

It may not sound like the ideal spot for a picnic, but this revamped area has to be seen to be believed. If you have children, they’ll love tackling the play equipment while you set up your snacks in the picnic area. It’s just the place to rest and relax while the kids run off their surplus energy.

4. By the river in Bourton-on-the-Water

This charming village always looks superb, but the sun somehow brings out the very best in it. There are several spots along the river that are ideal for a casual picnic. You even have the appeal of being able to dip your feet into the water as well, thanks to the low-level wall that separates the grassy bank from the River Windrush.

Wherever you stay in the Cotswolds, you can be certain there will be several charming picnic spots nearby. That’s one thing you can count on; now all you need is perfect weather, too.