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The Cotswolds means many things to many people. For some it means nothing more than booking into a beautiful Cotswolds holiday cottage and settling back for a relaxing few days away from home.

For others, however, it means fishing. Or perhaps boating. Or any one of a number of other water sports in the area.

Cotswold Water Park.

If you’re keen on fishing you’ll find plenty of options to consider here. You can do no better than to visit the Cotswold Water Park, as there are dozens of lakes to choose from. You can partake of fly fishing here or coarse fishing if you prefer. Other prospects include fishing on the River Coln, which is ideal for trout fishing. Many venues offer day tickets to suit your needs.

As for other water-based sports, you have plenty to choose from. There are numerous options available in the Cotswold Water Park, including sailing, swimming, water-skiing and canoeing. You can also book into a Cotswolds holiday cottage in the park or nearby, cutting down the amount of time you’d need to get from your accommodation to a suitable lake or river.

The water park has the North Lake and South Lake, as well as a couple of other much smaller lakes close by. The larger lake also has a beach, which is handy to remember when all you want to do is have a swim or a paddle. The lakes are known for being exceptionally clear as they are filled with groundwater.

Stay in one of our many lovely properties on the Lower Mill Estate in Cotswold Water Park.


The Cotswold Water Park is big, and that means there are several companies offering various services for those interested in water sports. Watch out for Waterland, which offers paddle boarding among other things. They also welcome guests to have a swim there, although the times are restricted.


There are other more unusual possibilities too, such as riding on inflatables. Cotswold Water Sports provides a variety of sports of this nature, enabling you to try something a little more unusual. They are located in Fairford, which is around half an hour away from the Cotswold Water Park. There are plenty of lakes in this area too.

Stay in Fairford.