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Spend your day birdwatching in the Cotswolds…

At Manor Cottages we are very proud of the beautiful villages and towns of the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which surround us and the many lovely properties we are able to offer for self-catering holidays. But the Cotswolds were primarily designated as an AONB for the limestone grassland habitats and old growth beech woodlands that typify the area and offer habitats and refuge for many flora and fauna.

Popular amongst visitors to the area are the thousands of species of birds both living in and visiting this stunning part of the country.

The Cotswolds Water Park and Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetlands Trust make great destinations for birdwatching, but keep your eyes peeled for a vast array of species on any walk, cycle ride or even a drive through this special area. From Peregrines to Wagtails to Red Kites, there are many gems to spot.

The Cotswold Water Park

Red Crested Pochard at Cotswolds Water Park

Comprising a series of over 150 man-made lakes, in south-east Gloucestershire and north Wiltshire, the Water Park is a rare example of human industry providing habitats which benefit wildlife. Over 20,000 water birds winter at the Lakes, including Goldeneye and Smew. Red-crested Pochard are known to breed here as are Common Terns, Hobbies, Nightingales and Little Ringed Plovers.

The RSPB website is a good place to start for more details: RSPB

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The Cotswold Birdwatching Company

Mandarin Duck spotted in Gloucestershire

The Cotswold Birdwatching Company offers wildlife trips to various locations in Gloucestershire including the Water Park, offering a fun, wildlife-filled day out with an experienced guide. The day trips are organised to offer the chance to celebrate the area’s amazing wildlife and fantastic scenery and are suitable for birdwatchers of all levels, age and experience. Find out more about bird identification and field craft and many other aspects of birdwatching.

Visit their website for further details: Cotswolds Birdwatching Company

The North Cotswold Ornithological Society

Greater Spotted Woodpecker peaking out of a hole in a tree near Gloucestershire in the Cotswolds

This aim of this Society is to engage in fieldwork to increase understanding of the birds of the Cotswolds. The Society monitors species through a series of random square surveys of wintering and breeding birds. Their publication ‘Birds of the Cotswolds: A New Breeding Atlas’ is on general sale. The society is currently actively surveying the scarcer breeding birds of the region as well as identifying trends of abundant species. They offer walks and events to enthusiasts throughout the area and throughout the year.

Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetlands Trust

Swans at Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetlands Trust

WWT Slimbridge is one of nine wetland centres across the UK, set in 120 acres. A world-renowned reserve for water birds, it offers amazing facilities including a visitor centre, wildlife art gallery, Discovery Centre, Waterside Restaurant, cinema and the Sloane Observation Tower (providing fantastic views of the River Severn). Wild swans from Russia arrive every winter and all six types of flamingo can be found here in Summer. The centre offers daily walks, talks and activities including canoe safaris. Visit the website for more information: Slimbridge

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Images Courtesy of: Vauxford (CC BY-SA 4.0); David Dixon, Ray Bird (CC BY-SA 2.0).