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There is nothing quite like fish and chips to provide you with a hearty dinner. And when you have the chance to eat them fresh out of the paper, well it gets better still. Discover the best plaices (pardon the pun) to enjoy a traditional fish and chips in the Cotswolds.

Our Favourite Traditional Fish & Chips Restaurants In The Cotswolds:

1. Russell’s Fish & Chips


The challenge is in waiting until you have the appetite to do the meal some justice. And what better time to do that than after you’ve tackled a hike in the Cotswolds or spent the day shopping in some of our lovely villages? There is plenty of great shopping to do in Broadway and many walks in the area too, and then you can combine it with a stop at the wonderful Russell’s Fish & Chips.

Russell’s Fish & Chips serves what has to be the best Fish & Chips in Broadway and far beyond, tucked away just off the High Street, simply follow your nose at lunch – or dinnertime and you’ll soon be at the counter!

2. Lakeside Takeaway


Elsewhere in the Cotswolds, you’ve got the treat that awaits you at Lakeside Takeaway. This particular outlet was voted one of the 50 Best Fish & Chip Shops in 2014, however it’s history dates back much further right the way through till 1955. Make sure you drop in to find out why this is the case.

3. Simpsons Fish & Chips


You will also find Simpsons Fish & Chips in Cheltenham. This restaurant is an award-winner, and rightly so, with a plentifulness of wonderful reviews. Attracting locals and tourists alike, it looks like it will be around for many, many years to come.

4. The Windrush Garden Cafe & Fish and Chip Takeaway


The Windrush Garden Café and Fish & Chip Takeaway may not be the catchiest title ever given to a café, but the name really isn’t the most important part about it. What IS important is the quality of the fish and chips on offer here. There’s plenty to do in Bourton on the Water, so make sure you explore, head out for a walk along the riverside and then return to eat your fish and chips under one of the many umbrellas outside.

Fish and chips al fresco what could be better?