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Discover all there is to know on how to style your Cotswolds holiday home. We take you from start to finish, ensuring your cottage is as unique and stylish as you. Pick and choose from our holiday home tips that work for you, from cottage decor inspiration to showcasing original features.

1. Showcasing Original Features
2. Picking A Colour Palette
3. Where To Find Inspiration
4. Sourcing Furnishings From Local Brands
5. How To Refresh Your Cottage
6. Finishing Touches
7. Naming Your Property

How To Style Your Cotswolds Holiday Home

1. Showcasing Original Features

From open fireplaces to exposed beams, many properties within the Cotswolds have some stunning original features. This, therefore, really is the best place to start when styling your holiday home. We are strong believers in working with the history of a property to produce a truly unique and quirky style to your property.

Style Inspiration: Castle Combe Cottages (988862)

Top tips for showcasing original features:

  • Visible brickwork:  Visible brickwork poses the perfect opportunity to have feature walls, allowing you to clash the creature comforts of soft furnishings with rustic, countryside charm.
  • Open fireplaces: Open fireplaces and arches can be showcased a number of ways. Log burners are ever growing in popularity and are particularly cosy during the colder winter months. You can also utilise this space with vases, knick-knacks and candles for a more contemporary feel.
  • Exposed beams: Whilst many people opt for white or cream walls, exposed beams look great with almost every colour. Freshly painted walls allow beams to really pop.
  • Period doors and windows: You might be worried about “draftiness” caused by period door and windows, but do not fret. There are a number of restorative measures available from replacement handles to double glazing. You can also purchase brand new doors and windows which are still in keeping with your properties history.

NOTE: It is also important to check what you can and can not do with the property. Many listed (and non-listed) properties have rules and regulations about what alterations can be made.

2. Picking A Colour Palette

Picking a colour palette (and sticking to it) will ensure that you source furnishings and decorations which compliment one another. Whilst many of our cottage owners opt for neutral palettes; greys, whites, blues etc., pops of colour are a great way to add identity and character to your cottage.

Style Inspiration: Poets Corner (1005083)

Similarly, you may wish to consider different finishes and textures. Mixing and matching clean lines with softer furnishings is a great way to deliver a chic aesthetic whilst still being comfortable.

Top Tip: Use a Pinterest board to pin your colour inspiration until you find a palette which is perfect for you.

3. Where To Find Style Inspiration

The best place to find style inspiration? Right in front of you! The Cotswolds is home to some of the UK’s most fantastic countryside. In addition to its beautiful scenery, the Cotswolds boasts idyllic towns and villages, as well as being in close proximity of the vibrant cities of Bath and Oxford.

The Cotswolds has a lot of history in the wool industry and this theme is reflected in a lot of our properties, with plenty of wool throws, rugs and cushions. The industrial appearance of old mills is often incorporated also. Steel bedframes and rustic furnishings are a great way to scream about the cultural heritage of the region.

Style Inspiration: The Moat Cottage (990581)

On the other end of the spectrum, another popular aesthetic adopted by owners is shabby chic farmhouse. Using distressed, pastel colours and quirky accessories, you can create a fun and rustic appearance (think Cath Kidston).

Most importantly, it is important to find a style which speaks to you as an owner, and you feel will resonate with guests. Remember, the Cotswolds is one of the most stunning Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so embrace any opportunity to tie this into your properties look and feel.

4. For Cottage Decor, Source Furnishings From Local Brands

This one is really quite simple. Head into the likes of Burford, Cirencester and Broadway to source unique accessories and furniture for your Cotswolds holiday home. Cheltenham is also a great location for sourcing all sorts from plants and candles to larger pieces of furniture, such as armchairs and rugs. Supporting local brands is a great way of encouraging guests to get out and about. whilst benefiting business owners in the region.

Style Inspiration: Even small decorations can make your cottage feel truly unique

Top Tip: If your cottages furnishings pack a punch, then why not consider creating a directory for these “wow” pieces? Guests will love to find where you bought things from and may even choose to pick up a piece of memorabilia themselves.

5. How To Refresh Your Cottage Seasonally

There are many ways that you can uplift your cottage to suit the time of year. In the spring and summer months, fresh flowers really brighten up a room and opting for brighter bed linens give your cottage a very on-season appearance. During the colder months, you may wish to provide additional throws and burner logs to keep guests feeling nice and cosy.

Style Inspiration: Make the most of seasonal soft furnishings

Considering the weather when refreshing your cottages appearance is just one of many ways that you can refresh your cottage seasonally. Staying in the loop with festivities, events and wider market trends is equally as effective (and can result in some fun decorating opportunities too!). Easter and Christmas accessories work particularly well and are particularly well received with guests travelling with children.

6. Finishing Touches To Make Your Cottage Pop!

Finishing touches such as fresh flowers, candles and period quirks are an effective way of injecting character and a “homely feel” into your holiday home. Sourcing these finishing touches can be an extremely fun and personal experience, after all they say a lot about the feel of your property. If you want a traditional farmhouse country feel, soft florals and light coloured wood work well. If you want your cottage to have a more contemporary of luxury feel it is important to steer away from “cluttering” your property.

Style Inspiration: Honeystone Cottage (988788)

Finding these items is just the start. Placement of soft furnishings and decorations is just as important. Mantlepieces, cabinets and side tables are the perfect way to showcase ornaments whilst keeping them out of reach of younger guests.

7. Naming Your Property

Making your cottage name relevant will give guests a good idea of what to expect from the property itself and the surrounding area.

Style Inspiration: The Piggery (988783)

*Things to consider when naming your property:

  • Location: Are there any local or natural landmarks? Is there any interesting wildlife in the local area?
  • Culture and language: Does your town scream cultural identity? Local dialect works well.
  • History: Has your cottage had another purpose at some point? Or did anything interesting happen in the surrounding area?
  • Get personal: Use your forename or family surname to name your property. Bennett Barn and Emily’s Cottage are just 2 examples
  • Pop culture: Lean on current trends and pop culture. Think Spinner’s End from Harry Potter or Pemberley from Pride & Prejudice

Top Tip: To uncover your properties full history look at the local archives; Valuation Office Survey index and Census Records.

Did we miss anything? If you have any styling tips then please let us know via our social media channels. Alternatively, if you are interested in signing up with Manor Cottages then please click here to read more about Letting Your Cottage with us.

* Information sourced from Sykes Holiday Cottages: “How to Name Your Holiday Cottage: Guide and Name Generator