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Having been in the holiday lettings industry for over 25 years, a holiday cottage is a great investment for the owner. We at Manor Cottages know how to make your holiday cottage stand out.

We also know how to achieve optimal occupancy rates and how to get glowing customer feedback and repeat bookings.

Read our top tips on how to make your holiday cottage stand out in The Cotswolds.

1. Photos

The photos of your holiday cottage are the first impression of your property for potential guests.

When potential guests search for a cottage, they will of course initially be drawn in on looks alone.

They will be attracted by photos that will help them imagine the experience that lies ahead therefore, professional photos that show your property in the best light possible are essential.

For example, a well lit room with furnishings. Or perhaps, photos of a cosy sitting room with a lit fire, soft cushions on the sofa. Well balanced decor will allow the guest to see themselves right there enjoying their perfect holiday.

2. Create a lovely welcome

A ‘Welcome Pack’ is often the first thing a guest will look for when arriving at your cottage. A well written and informative will allow guests to have everything they need.

In addition to the ‘Welcome Pack’, it’s also a great idea to have small selection of nice treats waiting for your guests.

They have most likely had a long drive to reach your cottage, and a pint of milk in the fridge, coffee, tea and some biscuits or a small homemade cake would be a lovely surprise when they walk through the door.

3. Understand your guests

It’s a great idea to know the types of people who are attracted to your cottage. For instance, are they walkers or bird watchers?

If you know your guests bringing a pet, then supply a dog basket, a water bowl and leave out towels for muddy paws.

Is your cottage suitable for families with small children? Supply cots, bed rails, highchairs, toys and other things that you know will help parents out.

4. Make your home their home

We find the cottages that are most successful, are those that are made to feel like a home away from home for the guests.

The interior and décor should always be clean, fresh and inviting.

Be sure to include little touches like pictures on the walls, plants, cushions and throws. Also include books and games to give your cottage a ‘homey’ feel.

If you would like to know more about how to set your holiday cottage up for success, contact us on 01993 824252. One of the Manor Cottages team will be glad to assist you further.

Chat to one of our specialists about making your cottage stand out by calling us on 01993 824 252 or email