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bourton-on-the-water-manor-cottages-blog.jpgVisiting Bourton-on-the-Water is the perfect escape to the Cotswolds. Consistently voted one of the most beautiful villages in England, Bourton-on-the-Water draws in tourists and locals alike.

With plenty to see and many attractions to visit and explore, this delightful village makes for an excellent vacation spot or sweet escape for the entire family. From its historical landmarks and fascinating museums to bountiful restaurants, pubs and tea rooms, and awe-inspiring scenic views, Bourton-on-the-Water is a village bound to bring smiles across everyone’s faces.


The Dragonfly Maze

Twists and turns, dead ends and clear pathways, test your mind at The Dragonfly Maze. It is your job to enter the hedged maze, collect the clues, and discover the secret to releasing the Golden Dragonfly. Fun for all ages and the perfect family activity. Want an extra challenge? Ask for an additional puzzle to solve.


Cotswold Motoring Museum

bourton-on-the-water-manor-cottages-cotswold-motoring-museum.jpgLooking for the perfect day trip? Take the entire family to Cotswold Motoring Museum, located conveniently right in the town centre. With a collection that represents a piece of motoring history from the 20th century — over 40 cars, caravans, motorcycles, bicycles and thousands of items to see — the motoring museum is a step into the past that inspired the future.


The Old New Inn

The Old New Inn is a place not to be missed when visiting Bourton-on-the-Water. Dating back to 1712, this country inn is open during the summer and is home to a large beer garden, two bars, and a patio to soak in the sun and watch the business of the village. The traditional Cotswold inn serves hot and cold beverages including ales, ciders and wines as well as light snacks. If you walk around the back of the Old New Inn, you will find a miniature masterpiece of Bourton-on-the Water, a one-ninth scale replica of the whole village, containing all the landmarks and infrasture from the Old Water Mill down to the Old New Inn. Tower over the buildings and walk through the alleys for an afternoon of exploration.



bourton-on-the-water-manor-cottages-cotswolds-birdland.jpgWhere can penguins, colourful tropic birds, and dinosaurs co-exist? Birdland, is where! A nine-acre garden and forest sanctuary where the entire family can see beautiful birds fly above them, see penguins dive for a tasty snack, and learn about dinosaurs that roamed the Earth on a Jurassic journey. Take a walk on the wild side on an adventure not to be missed.


L’Anatra Italian Kitchen

And while we’re on the subject of Italy, L’Anatra Italian Kitchen at the Chester House Hotel serves the best authentic Italian food in Bourton-on-the Water, hands down. From the freshest pizza dough and hearty marinara sauce to delicious pastas and mouth-watering garlic bread, L’Anatra will satisfy anyone’s Italian cravings beautifully… and have them coming back for more.


The Mousetrap Inn

bourton-on-the-water-manor-cottages-mousetrap-inn.jpgWhile Bourton-on-the Water is nowhere near Italy, it is known far and wide as the Venice of the Cotswolds with the River Windrush running through it and those who visit The Mousetrap Inn will get to sit and sip on a crisp glass of wine or an ice-cold pint in this wonderful village, followed by a stroll overlooking the bridge that spans the river through the middle of village centre… perfect!


Cotswold Brewing

Ten years ago, Cotswold Brewing was born by a husband and wife team with years of brewing experience. The brewery is based in a large barn and all brews are handcrafted too ensure the quality and uniqueness of their brews, including IPAs, lagers, wheat beer and stouts. Today, the company is trying its hand at creating vodka and gin.. watch this space.


the Cotswold Perfumery

bourton-on-the-water-manor-cottages-cotswold-perfumery.jpgWanting to know what beauty smells like? Head over to The Cotswold Perfumery, a 300-year-old property in the village. John Stephen is the chief perfumer at the boutique retail shop specializing in a niche market of fine fragrances from all around the world. In addition to selling perfumes, Cotswold Perfumery offers courses for visitors to participate in and learn about how perfume is delicately formulated.


The Kingsbridge Inn

Drink and dine at The Kingsbridge Inn, a Cotswold pub in the heart of the village by the riverside. Open all day serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, and hosting an eclectic selection of ales, wines and spirits. Being right on the water, take advantage of the beautiful beer garden or enjoy your meal on the decking area overlooking the River Windrush.