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MGs in the ParkPhoto by: Starbug2 (

At the Cotswold Wildlife Park we are always kept entertained by the animals that surround us, but to make things even more interesting we also host a range of shows, rallies and events. The perfect day out for your Cotswold holiday!

Animal Of The Month – Black And White Colobus Monkeys

The Cotswold Wildlife Park is home to many animals, and of those we have the Colobus Monkey and it’s rapidly expanding family. There are many different species of the Black and White Colobus Monkey, all of which feature a very long tail and a magnificent cape of white hair.

Historically, Jomo Kenyatta, the first President of the Republic of Kenya, would carry a Black and White Colobus Monkey, which tragically led to severe poaching of the animal as many strove to mimic their president. They were therefore wiped out in many areas.

The word ‘Colobus’ comes from the Greek word ‘Kolobus’ which means mutilated and in the case of the monkeys this refers to their small, deformed thumbs. At the Cotswold Wildlife Park we are fortunate enough to have two young Colobus Monkeys that still have the white coloration that portrays their infant status.

Their diet consists of leaves and they can be spotted scampering about near our Park shop.

MGs In The Park – 1st June 2014

The Oxfordshire part of MG’s Owners Club have traditionally held their ‘MGs In The Park’ event at the Cotswold Wildlife Park for the last fifteen years. In 2013 MGs In The Park attracted a huge variety of different MG models, such as TAs, MGAs, Midgets and MGB/Cs.

A real head turner was the newer MGF/TF convertibles as well as the Z range saloons, including the ZT260s. MGs In The Park 2014 will take place on the 1st June with entrance for adults costing £11.50 and for children aged between 3-16 years of age costing £8.

Any MG member or MG owner may enter the park for free and discounts will apply for groups of 20 people or more.

Heritage Rally – 22nd June 2014

The Heritage Rally is only two years old and is a classic car rally sponsored by Heritage Insurance, a classic and specialist car insurance company.

The Rally is open to cars that must be at least 20 years old. The Rally is an hours drive, starting at the Heritage Motor Centre then down through the Northern Cotswolds to stop with us at the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Later on the Rally will return to the Heritage Motor Centre via a different route.

The entry fee is £42, but there is an early bird fee of £32 if you book your tickets before the 30th April 2014. The cost includes Tulip route maps, entry into the Cotswold Wildlife Park, a Rally plate and windscreen sticker.

RHS Plant Day – 10th September 2014

Here at the Cotswold Wildlife Park we are collaborating with the Royal Horticultural Society for the RHS Plant Day event. The RHS plant committee may be recognisable as they often judge flower shows such as Chelsea Flower show and others. RHS plant committee members will be there to help pass on experience and expertise.

The event will be taking place during a time that the Park is usually at its summer peak, and there will be a wide range of plants on display. We will be splitting the Park into zones, each zone will host a different group of plants alongside facts, stories and practical, interesting advice.

Steven Lacey from the Daily Telegraph spoke about our garden saying that, ‘The exotic bedding in the old walled garden is amongst the best in Britain.’ There will be many plant experts and enthusiasts around to help visitors with any questions or queries they may have.

RHS Plant Day is on the 10th September and is the best opportunity for people to reach out for help, whether it’s regarding plant identification or weeding surrounding your decking. There will be many little lectures, demonstrations and displays by RHS speakers throughout the day.

Tickets to the event will cost £11.50 for adults, £8.00 for Over-65s and there will be a discount available for large groups.