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If you own a property in the Cotswolds where you only live for part of the year, you could turn this property into a profitable holiday home.

As you already own the home in question, you’re closer than you think to making an secondary income.

Read on for our guide on how to run a profitable holiday home in the Cotswolds.

Flexible pricing strategy

When you holiday let your holiday home with Manor Cottages, you also have the national exposure and support of our parent company, Sykes Holiday Cottages.

The in house revenue management team at Sykes have created a market-leading flexible pricing strategy designed to maximise our owner’s income.

By setting a floor price (a minimum cost per booking) for your property, you can protect your costs and only accept bookings that make it worthwhile.


A holiday property is not just an asset for you, it’s an asset for the local economy. When guests stay in your property the local area benefits too. Guests visit and spend their money in local shops, restaurants and attractions.

Guests will be looking for a home away from home when staying in the Cotswolds. By investing in great features you can really maximise your holiday let income.

By installing a hot tub in your property, you can increase your holiday home bookings considerably. Features such as wood burning fires and even saunas can increase your bookings also.

Cost of living

Housekeeper walking to cottage for changeover

Due to the current living crisis in the U.K, you may be wondering even more so, how to make your holiday home profitable.

Simple things like having the heater on a timer for arrival, so guests don’t come straight in and turn the heating on full for hours, can make a huge difference.

You can make amends to your floor price to ensure you’re accepting bookings that are only worth your while. This way if you’re only accepting short breaks over weekends, you can turn off the hot tub Monday-Thursday.

Furnishing your holiday home

Inside Manor Farm Close Cottage

If you’re looking to attract bookings to your property, consider your target audience for the Cotswolds. This will likely be walkers, couples, families and pets.

By furnishing your holiday home with them in mind, you’ll find you’ll generate more bookings this way. Having a wet room or boot room will benefit walkers and dogs staying in your property.

Chat to one of our specialists about being a part-time holiday home owner by calling us on 01993 824252 or email