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Most of Manor Cottages’ 300 holiday cottages are rental properties throughout the year and only occasionally do the property owners themselves stay. But some of our properties are also owned by people who live in the properties more than they rent them out, otherwise called “Part-Time Owners”.

Your home could pay it’s own way

If you own a property in the Cotswolds where you only live for part of the year, you could turn this property into an investment. And as you already own the home in question, you’re closer than you think to making an income and making your home “paying it’s way” and working for you rather than the other way around.

Full service property servicing

You may have concerns about your housekeeping, cleaning and change-overs, but this is what we have MCPS for, the full service property services ‘arm’ of Manor Cottages. And as for any personal belongings that you would not want on display or accessible to guests in your property, a locked area, cupboard or room in the house could store these securely.


A holiday property is not just an asset for you, it’s an asset for the local economy. When guests stay in your property the local area benefits too, as guests visit and spend their money in local shops, restaurants and attractions. It’s a Win-Win-Win.

Chat to one of our specialists about being a part-time holiday cottage owner by calling us on 01993 824 252 or email