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We’re lucky enough to be living, working and offering our wonderful cottages in the beautiful Cotswolds, Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The Cotswolds is one of the most picturesque areas in all of the UK, the largest AONB in fact, and rich in cultural heritage.

Visitor Giving in the Cotswolds

Manor Cottages have supported the official Cotswolds Visitor Giving Scheme for several years. This is a scheme where various tourism businesses in the Cotswolds ask for, and match, small donations from their customers visiting the Cotswolds. The money is mainly spent on environmental and landscape projects across the Cotswolds, often projects that will enhance the visitor experience or projects in areas that experience a strain from the large number of visitors and their impact on the environment, the very environment on which our tourism industry relies.

So what is ‘Manor Cottages Giving Back’?

Having paid over £10,000 to the Cotswold Visitor Giving, we decided that wasn’t enough. It was time for Manor Cottages to step it up so we created ‘Manor Cottages Giving Back’. We still support the official Visitor Giving but with our own ‘Manor Cottages Giving Back’, we are able to support a far wider range of projects in the Cotswolds, smaller projects and more projects.

Our Projects

cotswold-wildlife-park-manor-cottages-giving.png Our first project in Manor Cottages Giving Back is a donation to two Cotswold Wildlife Park Conservation Trust projects, Songbird Survival and The Nestbox Monitoring Scheme (for local native species), as well as an adoption of one of their wonderful Cotswold Lions.

We are currently supporting these great causes through Manor Cottages Giving Back: Songbird Survival Nestbox Monitoring Scheme (local native species) Cotswold Lion adoption with Cotswold Wildlife Park Cotswolds Visitor Giving Scheme

Apply for support from ‘Manor Cottages Giving Back’

Apply for support from ‘Manor Cottages Giving Back’.

The ‘Manor Cottages Giving Back’ fund is available for projects within the general Cotswolds area. Projects considered include • Conservation, preservation and restoration of the natural beauty of the Cotswolds. • Wildlife habitat improvement and restoration. • Cotswold Historical Heritage restoration.

Apply in an email to with the following information: • Name and details of applicant and project. • Detailed information on the project. • Amount needed and description on what the money will be used for. • Information on any marketing, PR and social media you plan to and/or are currently doing on the project. • Any other important information you feel we may need to make a decision on your application. You can apply for any amount. If your project is time sensitive, make sure you include this on your application. You will receive a response and any questions we may have to your application within 3 working days, and a decision on your application within 4 weeks or soon after.

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