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Choosing where to go on holiday can be a difficult if enjoyable task. You’ve got to consider your budget of course, but if you are lucky enough to have a larger budget it’s nice to splurge on a property that you’ll remember.

If you’re heading to the Cotswold Water Park we’ve got just the property for you. With a name like Skydeck you may already have some idea of what to expect. This is not your ordinary property that’s for sure, and if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary you can enjoy the Skydeck with up to seven other people.

You’ll find Skydeck on Howell’s Mere, a much sought after location that really has a lot to offer. It has some amazing views that you’ll definitely enjoy – especially when you realise how you’ll get to see them. There is a fabulous roof deck that allows you to soak up the rays when the weather permits. You’ll also be able to enjoy an evening meal out there because the area has a comfortable table and chairs to use, plus a couple of sun loungers.

As you can see, while you may want to explore all that the Cotswolds has to offer, you will probably find it difficult to drag yourself away from the delights of the Skydeck to go out. The rooms are spacious and well designed, and the main living space has 360 degree views of the area surrounding the property. This is clearly no ordinary holiday property, and it is delightful for spending a week in if you have company. There is no danger of tripping over each other because of the size of the space you have to enjoy.

The Cotswold Water Park is a great area to spend some time as well. It has lots of activities you can take part in including guided walks, canoeing and sailing, not to mention many more. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an active holiday or something more laid back – you will definitely find it if you stay at Skydeck in the Cotswold Water Park.

Oh, and did we mention the Artspa facility that happens to be just on your doorstep? This boasts two heated pools, one inside the building and one outside, so you can always enjoy a nice swim, no matter what the weather might throw at you. You won’t have to pay any extra for using the facility either, since it is included within the cost of your stay at Skydeck.

Many people love self catering on holiday because it gives you the freedom to do what you like, when you want to do it. Staying at Skydeck is just about the best self catering experience you could ever have. Enjoy using the state of the art thoroughly modern kitchen with all its great features and benefits. You can even gaze out at the stunning views while you are cooking. As you can see, Skydeck really does give you the best of all worlds.