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Most of us are familiar with the Battle of Britain to some extent but you wouldn’t expect it to take place in the Cotswolds would you?

You’ll get something just like this though when you visit the Cotswold Airport in Kemble over a single weekend in September. If you’re not doing anything on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th make sure you go along to the airfield for the annual display that aims to celebrate the Battle of Britain.

Needless to say if you have booked a late UK weekend break to the Cotswolds you can enjoy staying in a Self Catering Cotswolds cottage nearby. The airport itself is situated just a short distance away from the A433, which runs between Tetbury and Cirencester. It’s just under an hour’s drive from Chipping Norton, which is closer to the heart of the Cotswolds, so you can see it is ideally located no matter where you happen to be staying.

As you might expect from an air show there will be lots of diverse planes there to see when you pay a visit. A Tiger Moth display team is just one of the delights to look forward to, along with a wartime aircraft that is thought to have flown out of the airport itself during the latter years of World War II.

You can look forward to getting advance tickets as well if you hurry. You can save a third off the gate price of £15 if you book online, paying just £10 per adult in the process. Although some of the activities will be reliant on having good weather we have been promised an Indian summer so it may just be ideal for a good show. The flying begins at 2pm, after four hours of browsing the stalls and attractions at the Cotswold Airport.

And there are plenty of planes to look forward to as well. The Spitfire was one of the most famous planes to take part in the war and one of them has been promised to appear at the show in Kemble. You will also be able to see an RAF Lancaster and a range of other vintage jets as well. Even if you aren’t a big fan of flying you cannot fail to be impressed with the show you will be treated to. It aims to bring back memories of the Battle of Britain for those few old enough to remember it. The rest of us can take the opportunity to be humbled and educated by what went on during that battle.

When you arrive at Kemble on the day, watch out for signs to lead you into the air field. No matter what else you might be doing in the Cotswolds in September, make sure you keep that weekend free and attend one or both of the days to get a taster of what the Battle of Britain would have been like. It’s a great way to enjoy a weekend in the Cotswolds.