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If you didn’t think the postal system was all that interesting, think again.┬á You’ll certainly need to if you decide to pay this museum a visit, because you might just be surprised and amazed at what you find inside.

As with any other museum it provides a look back through history.┬á In this case of course we’re talking about the history of the postal service itself.┬á But if you still need some convincing that it’s worth exploring this museum in closer detail while you are enjoying your Bath holiday, here are some facts that might help you out.

1.┬á┬á┬á Find out how the British post box has changed over time.┬á Did you know, for example, that the famous novelist Anthony Trollope is credited with having created the post box in the first place?┬á While this isn’t a big secret, he isn’t as well known for this as he is for his novels.┬á You can find out a lot more about how the shape and size of the post box has changed as time has gone on as well.

2.┬á┬á┬á Learn more about how the post has changed throughout history.┬á It might seem surprising but the museum has on display what could have been the very first letter ever sent from one person to another.┬á It goes way back to around 2000 BC, so you can see that the post we know today has gone through a lot of changes – and time – since then.

3.    Enjoy regular exhibitions focusing on different parts of the postal service.  The museum is always creating new exhibitions to entertain and educate everyone who comes to visit.  A recent example was a look back at the history of the various vehicles used by the Post Office to deliver and collect mail.

4.    Learn more about the people who made the postal service what it is today, and find out how some Bath locals figure in the story too.  Thousands upon thousands of people have been involved in the history and story of the Post Office and the mail system since it first came into being.  The museum focuses on these people just as much as the system itself, and you can discover who they were and what they did to advance the system to the stage it is at today.

As you can see, the Bath Postal Museum is well worth a visit.┬á You’ll find it in Northgate Street, and if you are near Pulteney Bridge you will find it takes just three or four minutes to walk there from the bridge itself.

The museum is open every day of the week except for Sundays, so you should be able to fit it into any stay in Bath.┬á Even a long weekend in Bath would provide enough time for a wander round this museum, so do keep an eye out for it.┬á You might never look at the postal system the same way again – or Anthony Trollope for that matter!