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It would be a reasonable enough question to ask of any part of the country you are thinking of visiting. But in terms of the Wye Valley there are many positive answers to that question, and this will result in you planning a holiday you will never forget.

For example you can book Wye Valley accommodation in any number of great places. The valley itself runs along the River Wye and takes in many wonderful places en route. We’re talking about the place where England butts up to Wales, and a delightful border has been created as a result. You can sample many different areas if you are staying for a week or more, as you will have the time to explore the likes of the Forest of Dean and Gloucestershire among others. One thing is for certain – there is no possibility to get bored here.

One of the key aspects of the Wye Valley that draws so many people in every year is its landscape. This is a sensational place to come for a few days, even if all you can spare is the odd weekend now and then. You will certainly be hankering to come for longer though, such is the attraction of the place.

If you enjoy walking and getting out in the open air, there is plenty to see and do in the valley itself. Wye Valley walks are exceptionally popular so make sure you pack those walking boots to do the area justice. This is a place to escape to, a place to discover and a place to enjoy. Whatever the weather does during your time in your Wye Valley accommodation, you’ll always be glad you are here.

If you can sense a Wye Valley cottage calling to you, make sure you explore the area on a map before you do anything else. This will ensure you can find lots of things to do and thus pick out the ideal area to stay in. The less time you have to spend travelling the better – it will give you longer to enjoy the best treats the Wye Valley has to offer.

Some people are really up for the walking opportunities the area offers, since it has an official walk that is 136 miles long. This takes you from Plynlimon at one end (in Wales) through Hereford and finally down to Chepstow. Even if you only tackle part of the route you will see why it is so well known. It winds among the most attractive scenery you can possibly imagine.

So if you are still hesitating over booking a UK weekend break (or even something longer) in the Wye Valley, you need to ask yourself why. This is one of the most stunning areas in the UK, and once you see it for yourself you could well find that it becomes an annual haunt for you. Whether you go alone or travel with the whole family, the Wye Valley is waiting to welcome you in.