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No we’re not talking about Broadway as in New York and top theatre shows – we’re talking about a very different Broadway indeed!

This particular Broadway is very sleepy and relaxed in comparison to the New York version.┬á And it provides just the setting for a quiet peaceful Cotswolds holiday too.┬á We have a stunning and very popular cottage in the village – called simply One, The Green – and it is always in demand.┬á Could it be the setting for your next Short Breaks in the Cotswolds?

Regardless of where you decide to stay for your holiday in the Cotswolds, you should make a point of visiting this wonderful village.  But why is it so wonderful?  What makes it a place to be close to during your stay?

Well firstly it is one of the most attractive villages in the area.┬á The main street of the village is how it came to be name Broadway in the first place – it literally means ‘broad way’, as the road is wide and was originally used for stagecoaches many centuries ago.┬á It is this obvious connection with the past that makes this village so appealing.┬á You can imagine how things may have looked all those years ago, while still appreciating how things are today.

Another good reason for staying near here is the fact that there are some lovely pubs and tea rooms to try out while you are there!  Some people come and stay in weekend hotels too, as Broadway is a lovely venue for a couple of days of rest and recuperation from your busy work week.

You should also venture just outside the town to walk up to the Broadway Tower.┬á This is a fine vantage point and given good weather you would be amazed at how many counties – yes we did say counties – you can see.┬á It only costs a few pounds to go inside the tower and there is just as much to appreciate on the inside as there is on the outside.

Broadway is also a stunning example of how beautiful traditional Cotswold stone houses can be.  Many of them have changed very little over the years, and it is this appealing nature of the cottages and buildings that makes Broadway very different from many modern towns.  Once you have paid that first visit, you will certainly want to come back here time and time again.

You should take time as well to browse around the many galleries and antique shops in the village.  If you are looking for a unique memento of your holiday in the Cotswolds, a painting of the area would be a wonderful option.  You might have trouble choosing from the many that are usually on display however!

As you can see, Broadway has plenty to offer to the tourist, no matter whether you are staying for a weekend or a longer period of time.┬á And each season offers a new view of this pretty village – giving you the perfect reason to come back again and again.