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If you are a sun, sea and sand sort of person, then you probably won’t even think about taking UK holidays.┬á But it’s amazing how many people don’t even consider taking a break in this country even if they were staying in one of the finest countryside cottages.

That’s a shame, because there is so much on offer here to tempt people into staying.┬á The Cotswolds alone are filled with pretty villages, amazing history and so much to see and do that you’d need weeks on end to do it all.┬á UK holidays are sometimes rather overlooked by people who are constantly going abroad.┬á If you are one of them, perhaps it’s time you reconsidered your own country?┬á Here are some convincing reasons for staying in the UK and heading to the Cotswolds.

1.┬á┬á┬á Let’s think about the weather first of all.┬á We may not get the kind of weather that other countries get, but 2009 has given us some reasonably good weeks so far.┬á And there is usually plenty to do even when the weather isn’t on our side.┬á Here in the Cotswolds we can give you some great UK holidays that include browsing round villages, stepping inside stately homes, and much more besides.┬á There is a lot to see and do every single day of the year.

2.┬á┬á┬á You don’t have to be near the sea to have a wonderful break either.┬á Let’s face it, the Cotswolds aren’t located near the sea, but if you want to get a taste of the water you still have places like the Cotswolds Water Park to enjoy while you are here.

3.┬á┬á┬á There is no doubt that cheap UK holidays are very tempting, especially when you have delights such as the Cotswolds available in your own country.┬á Booking up a cottage for the week – or even for just a long weekend – can be surprisingly cheap especially when you consider that it is self catering.┬á Perhaps this is why cheap UK holidays are more popular than ever this year, as the recession limits our choices of where to go for a break from reality.

There used to be a time when the great British holiday was something to really look forward to.  It was only when package holidays abroad became more readily available that things changed.  Perhaps it will take a recession to swing things back in our favour again?

After all, nothing much has changed in this country when it comes to finding fantastic destinations like the Cotswolds to go to.  Stunning villages like Bourton on the Water and Banbury are still there and still drawing in the visitors, as are many other places offering a taste of history and comfort.

A lot of people go to the same foreign country and destination for years on end before deciding to change things a bit.  And this year it would seem as if more people than usual are deciding to stay at home.  This is largely because of the recession, which has made taking a holiday more of a luxury than a necessity for many people.

So why not stay here this year and visit us here in the Cotswolds instead of heading abroad to the beaches?  You might just start a new trend