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Birdland is one of the most wonderful attractions in the Cotswolds.. for kids and grown-ups alike. It is situated in the pretty village of Bourton on the Water, an ever popular place to stay for those spending a weekend break or a family holiday in the Cotswolds.

We have some stunning English country cottages you can stay in when you visit, including the wonderfully named 'Kimkeri', just a few minutes walk from Birdland!

Visit Birdland when you're in the Cotswolds

Wherever and whenever you decide to stay in the Cotswolds, Birdland is a joy to visit.  Everyone loves it there, but it is especially good fun for kids. Here is why you can expect to tire them out when the whole family pays a visit.


All the Penguin Fun

There are plenty of penguins to keep an eye on. And since this is the only place in the whole of England that has King Penguins, there is even more for them to enjoy. We’re not sure why kids find penguins so fascinating, but it’s good to see!

So many different species

They’ll have the chance to see some of the more popular species of bird during their visit. Alongside pelicans and owls there are parrots and storks as well. And being able to see them all on a Cotswolds holiday is quite an experience.

Space and Fresh Air

There is plenty of space and fresh air to enjoy.┬á Of course this comes free with all holidays in the Cotswolds, but at Birdland you have the added bonus of lots of unusual birds to watch as well!┬á If the kids aren’t tired out by the end of a day of running around finding all there is to see here, we’d be very surprised.

Patience and Rewards

You can teach them to watch and wait to get some better rewards.┬á Because some of the birds in the enclosed houses are small, it’s difficult to see them if you don’t spend some time there. Patience will bring its rewards though, enabling them to see and hear everything there is to appreciate about a very different environment.

An Awesome Gift Shop

They can explore the gift shop!┬á This might prove expensive for you, but there are some fine things worth buying here.┬á And if you buy a paint your own penguin set, you’ll have something that’s guaranteed to keep them quiet in the evenings as well!

There are other added bonuses to making sure Birdland is included in your Cotswolds holiday plans. For starters the River Windrush flows, not just through wonderful Bourton-on-the-Water, but through the park itself, and you will cross it from time to time as you explore the different exhibits.

And there are plenty of locations to accommodate a nice family picnic, which certainly beats any other form of lunch in our opinion. It’s cheaper too, and you don’t have to worry about queuing – unless it’s for the obligatory ice cream, of course!

So there you have it – some great reasons why kids of all ages will love Birdland, an educational trip that always proves to be good fun as well. And for a super list of places to go in Bourton-on-the-Water, don't miss our Visitor's Guide to Bourton-on-the-Water.

Looking for somewhere to stay in the Cotswolds? Why not take a look at our range of Cotswolds Holiday Cottages in the area near Birdland? Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any additional information to help book your trip.