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When planning your next weekend away or short break, one of the main debates likely to materialise is the self-catering versus all-inclusive argument, particularly with young couples and families.

Whilst it's important to understand the needs and desires of loved ones, compromise is often the best solution. To help you reach this decision amicably, we've put together the pros and cons of self catering holidays and the all-inclusive alternative.

Self Catering Holidays

The main perk of a self-catering holiday is flexibility. Designed for those who know how to spend their free time effectively, self catered breaks are the ideal platform for a DIY approach.

Budget control is also an advantage, as holidaymakers can plan their food and activity expenses down to the last detail. This is particularly useful for those on a tight budget and helps prepare for a holiday well in advance.

Self catering cottages are a superb option for groups and large families, as it allows everyone to eat together and enjoy each others company. With no strict timetables to follow, friends and family can socialise and eat whenever suits you.

Some things to consider for self catered holidays:

Is your destination suitable for self catering?Always Investigate equipment & appliances at your cottage/apartment

All Inclusive

So we've covered the benefits of self-catering cottages, let's look at the alternative option.

All inclusive breaks are typically designed for those seeking to 'switch off' on holiday, without having to think too much or plan their daily activities.

Food and drink is readily available, but many destination resorts have strict timetables which dictates how and when you can eat. Typically this increases the cost of a short break or weekend away.

The practical perks are very much supportive of the overall hands-off approach, as you don't have to worry about little extras such as carrying around currency. This is a good option for young families as you can spend your time (and energy) on your kids.

Some things to consider for all-inclusive holidays:

Always check what's included in your packageDoes the cost justify the extras?

For more information about weekend breaks and self-catering holidays, or if you have a specific question about a Cotswold cottage property, get in touch now.