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Most of us have heard of the nightingale, but have you ever actually seen one?  More to the point, would you realise you had if one did pop into your line of sight?

You can change all this if you decide to visit the Cotswold Water Park for a Cotswold break towards the end of April.  On Wednesday 28th April there will be a special event in the park which will bring you closer to the lesser spotted nightingale.

The event is called the Nightingale Symphony, which should go a long way towards telling you what to expect on the night.  The event starts at half past seven in the evening, so you will have all day to enjoy the delights of the Cotswolds before going along to enjoy this event.  The Cotswold Water Park website states that advance booking is necessary, since only a small number of people will be able to attend.  This makes sense as too many people could frighten the birds off and make it impossible to hear them sing.

Every holiday in the Cotswolds is a memorable one for different reasons.┬á But surely this kind of event is what makes booking Cotswolds accommodation worthwhile.┬á Imagine staying in an English country cottage in the area – perhaps even in the Cotswold Water Park itself – and being able to get closer to nature at the same time.

The event is led by Tony Hawkins, who is a bird expert with plenty of knowledge to impart on the evening itself.  For example, the nightingale is somewhat threatened throughout the UK as there are far less of them around now than there have been in the past.  When you visit the Cotswolds you will find that most of the nightingales are in the Cotswold Water Park, since this offers the best surroundings for them.

The website describes the event as a ‘concert’, albeit obviously a natural one – but isn’t that the best type there is?┬á You can find the Cotswold Water Park easily by following the A419 towards South Cerney.┬á Look for the Spine Road East, which is signposted as the B4696.┬á This leads you right towards the park itself and it is exceptionally easy to find as it is extremely large and covers many acres.

In fact if you are planning a weekend break or thinking of opting for UK holidays instead of foreign ones, you couldn’t do better than to stay in the Cotswolds area near the Water Park itself.┬á There are plenty of other locations nearby that are worth seeing as well, including Cirencester and Lechlade to name just two.

And even if you decide not to witness the Nightingale Symphony, there are plenty of other events on at the Cotswolds Water Park throughout the year.  Whenever you visit to stay in a Cotswolds cottage you will no doubt be delighted by what you find in the Cotswold Water Park.  So why not book something today and listen to the best symphony in the area?