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There are countless different places you could visit in the Cotswolds all year round if you are coming here for a UK weekend break, or perhaps even a longer holiday.

But some of them are definitely good to visit at specific times, because of the events that are held there. A good example of a property that is worth seeing during the latter part of October is the delightfully named Snowshill Manor. This is a property owned by the National Trust, but it was once the home of Charles Paget Wade. He was an architect and lived in the property in the Cotswolds for some years.

In fact it was Wade who restored the manor from the dilapidated state he found it in to the glorious property it is now. Even though he died in the mid Fifties, he would be impressed with how Snowshill Manor has been kept ever since. The National Trust opens it up for people to come and see, and it is certainly worth the journey.

The manor holds an annual Apple Weekend towards the end of the month, and this year it falls on the 23rd and 24th October. As the name suggests this is the best time to learn more about the apples that are presently coming to fruition in the area. You can find out about all the different varieties – of which there are many – and we’re talking about hundreds too!

It’s not just apples you will see here during the weekend though. It’s all about apples and everything they give us, and that includes cider and juices as well. It is definitely a wonderful opportunity to come and see Snowshill Manor (which is reputedly haunted and has been for many years) as well as to find out more about the apple season itself.

Snowshill is very easy to find too. It is located in Broadway, so it is nice and close to lots of the most popular Cotswolds accommodations in the area. Anyone staying in Chipping Campden will have just a fifteen minute drive to find the manor. Similarly Moreton in Marsh is about the same distance away to the east of Snowshill Manor.

Make sure you allow a full day to explore everything the manor holds. Besides the Apple Weekend events there is also the chance to explore the gardens. These are terraced and provide much of interest to look at, particularly for gardeners. Many of Charles Wade’s possessions are still laid out inside the house as he wanted them to be, and the collection is vast and fascinating as well. You will find it hard not to be captivated and to have your curiosity piqued by everything you see.

Remember though that the Apple Weekend is only a few short days away. So if you haven’t yet booked a trip to the Cotswolds for the weekend, now would be the best time to do so. If you are already booked to stay in nearby Broadway, you’ll be in the most convenient spot of all!