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The Wye Valley is chock full of amazing places to go and see all year round. In fact you will be amazed at how much you can find to do there even during the winter months.

The Wye Valley is also very pleasant to go to if you are in need of a nice break. No matter how much you might love Christmas you will certainly feel the stress and strain of it all at some point. This will mean you can end up starting the New Year feeling rather frazzled at the edges.

So why not book some time away and stay in an English country cottage somewhere in the Wye Valley for a few days early in January? If you do you can unwind from all the excitement over Christmas and visit such delights as Shipley Gardens, which you will find in the area.

The gardens are quite delightful and visited by many people throughout the year. You will find them near to Holme Lacy and you will have a very peaceful thirty acres or so to explore while you are there. Simply wandering around the many delightful parts of the gardens is one of the best ways to relax and unwind in the Wye Valley. You may not usually have a break so early into a New Year, but you can rest assured that this particular idea is a very good one and very much worth having as well.

One of the best parts of Shipley Gardens is arguably the Tea Rooms. These are just as wonderful as you would expect them to be, with home cooked and mouth watering morsels and cakes ready to order when you arrive. With a nice cup of tea and a moment or two to take in your surroundings, this is the perfect way to get to know Shipley Gardens when you arrive. Alternatively you can wander back here for some sustenance once you have explored more of what Shipley Gardens has to offer.

Most people tend to love the gardens and spend a good few hours wandering around exploring everything they have to offer. One of the popular facets of the gardens is that they have been designed to take on the appearance of several rooms. This means you will never be quite sure what you will come across next, so you can enjoy a voyage of discovery through the gardens to see all the different aspects of them.

The gardens themselves are in Holme Lacy, which is just to the north west of Gloucester. So you can see there are plenty of other places you can visit nearby as well. In addition to this you will find lots of potential Wye Valley accommodations in the area as well, so you will be able to find something to suit your budget that will be ideal for your budget and needs. You can even take your dog with you to Shipley Gardens if you wish, provided it is kept on a lead.