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If you’ve never heard of Tortworth it is actually within easy reach of many locations in this part of the country. It is located to the north of Bath, to the south of Cheltenham and to the west of many great locations in the Cotswolds, including Cirencester among others.

If you are going to be near to any of these locations on the late Bank Holiday weekend in May, you might want to consider going to the Tortworth Vintage Rally. As the name would make you believe, this has plenty of vintage cars as well as some real classics. It is open throughout the Bank Holiday weekend on the 28th, 29th and 30th May 2011. The gates will be opening at 10am sharp every single day, so you can get there early and enjoy a nice long day browsing around the entire showground. It is located just off the B4509 near Wickwar, and the post code for those of you intending to use satnav is GL12 8LF.

There will also be various displays taking place over the weekend, including a dog display team. These always draw the crowds but with so much going on at the event it might prove difficult to figure out what you want to do next. You can also see the world’s biggest concert organ, which is programmed to play all manner of different songs. This alone is arguably worth the visit to Tortworth for this annual event that always brings in lots of people to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend.

The event is also sometimes referred to as Shakespeare’s Rally, but this has no connection with Stratford upon Avon. Instead it refers to the surname of the organiser. It certainly makes it sound even more appealing though!

The good news is that entry fees are fairly competitive as well, with a family ticket covering two adults and two children costing just £12. This basically means the children get in for free, since an adult ticket costs £6. Even then it represents excellent value for money for an event that has so much to offer. There are lots of trade stalls there over the weekend and you can also look at enjoying a bite to eat as well, since there are lots of refreshments. Put simply it could be one of the best ways to entertain the whole family in Tortworth over the long weekend.

A similar event is also on towards the end of July, so if you like the first one at the end of May you can think about going to the second one as well. It certainly gives you something new to do and the organisers have clearly put together a great show with lots for the whole family to look forward to. The other good thing is that Tortworth is close to lots of other great venues in the area, so if you want to see more of the Cotswolds or Bath, you can do this as well.