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Now hang on a minute – surely we have got our geography completely wrong there, haven't we?

Actually we are perfectly correct. The Thames might well run right through the middle of London and be very famous for cutting the city into north and south, but it actually originates up here in the Cotswolds and as such it is well worth planning a trip to see how the river starts life in this part of the country.

Cricklade and South Cerney

The very best area to visit to get up close and personal with the mighty Thames, is a small town called Cricklade. This is right up at the start of the Thames, and it has plenty to offer to the visiting tourists in search of a different look at part of the Cotswolds. A close second is neighbouring South Cerney, just north of Cricklade and home to The Reeds, a wonderful holiday cottage with water views and designed in the pretty New England lodge style.

Cotswold Water Park

Some of our lovely properties on the Cotswold Water Park are also super for those wishing to explore the Thames. Our properties on the Lower Mill Estate in this area are among our most luxurious holiday cottages in the Cotswolds, and all are nice and close to the beginnings of the Thames.


Wherever you choose to stay in South Cerney or the Lower Mill Estate, you aren't far from the origins of the Thames and you will be pleased to hear that there are plenty of boat trips available to indulge in, all rather different from the kind you would normally get anywhere else on the Thames.

Boat hire on the Thames

The best place to go for boat hire in the area is the Cotswold Boat Hire at The Trout Inn. This is located at Lechlade on Thames, which is the next town along on the river. Here you can hire a rowing boat to explore the local part of the river or, if you haven't got the energy for rowing too far, one of their small electric boats which do the job just as well and in half the time.

And of course, when you return, it is good to know that there is a pub nearby – the famous Trout Inn where you can slake the thirst you will have built up from all that rowing!

Boating on the river

It might seem strange to be able to go home and tell people you have seen the Thames in the Cotswolds. Not everyone realises that this is where the river originates, and there is nothing quite like a spot of boating on the river up here, so what could be better for a day out in the South Cotswolds.

There are lots of different places to explore in the Cotswolds when you are following the river, so be sure you don't miss them.