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The Wye Valley can treat you to lots of sights and delights while you are in the area, not least of which is an area called Tintern. While Tintern itself is a charming village, you will find a couple of specific places to visit that are well worth making the time for.

The most famous of these is arguably Tintern Abbey, but apart from this ruined abbey there is another building that is also no longer used for its original purpose. This is the Old Station, which nestles near the west bank of the River Wye itself. If you are staying in Wye Valley accommodation for a long weekend or more, make sure you seek out the Old Station to see what it has to offer.

The Old Station was once part of the Wye Valley Railway, a line that no longer exists. While some of it was ripped up after its closure to the public back in the late Fifties, some of it still remains. One of the most charming remnants of the old railway is the Old Station, which was the station for Tintern back in the days when the railway did run through there.

Nowadays you can still visit it while you are on a UK Cottage Holiday in the Wye Valley; just don’t expect to catch any trains there. It provides a charming venue for a few hours of exploration, particularly if you like walking. The Wye Valley is an Area of Natural Beauty after all, and what better area to explore than one which still shows signs of a long since gone railway?

The old waiting room itself has been transformed into a nice café, where you can enjoy some sustenance before setting out on your walk and perhaps some much needed refreshments when you get back too. There is a car park here which charges a nominal fee so it provides a nice spot to see and to leave your car while you explore the area in more detail.

Tintern itself is just south of Brockweir and the Old Station lies just off the A466. It is clearly signposted, especially nearby with a charmingly old fashioned sign, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

You can still catch a steam train nearby though if you wish to enjoy a taste of times gone by. It might be a small gauge train but you can happily hop aboard and enjoy a taste of this smaller steam train. As you can imagine the Old Station at Tintern is just as good for kids to explore as it is for adults, providing you with the perfect half day out that all the family will love.

If you want to explore the area in more detail you can also spend a couple of nights camping right next door if you like. If you are staying in UK hotels for the rest of the time, this could make an interesting break during your trip!