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September may signal the start of the new school year and hence the end of the summer holidays too. But it also signals the start of some superb events across the Cotswolds region, so there is still plenty to see and do as the nights start to draw in again.

One classic example is the Blenheim International Horse Trials event, which takes place at Blenheim Palace from 8th to 11th September. You’ll need to be quick to get tickets in advance since the Box Office shuts on 2nd September. But even if you miss that date you can still get tickets for some days on the gate when you arrive.

Blenheim Palace can be found in Woodstock, and it is easily reachable from all kinds of locations. It isn’t far north of Oxford, and you’ll find it quite easily on the A44 south of Chipping Norton, one of the more famous locations in the Cotswolds. If you are thinking of staying in a Cotswolds country cottage for a weekend you should consider this as a possible place to find Cotswolds accommodation.

Other main sights and places in the Cotswolds, such as Moreton-in-Marsh, Banbury and Lechlade, are all nearby too, so you won’t have any trouble getting to the Horse Trials.

One of the best things about the Blenheim International Horse Trials event is that you get to see a range of different events over the few days. For example you can see dressage, cross country and show jumping too. Most people prefer one to the others, but it all depends on what takes your fancy. Since each event takes place on different days, it pays to think about which days you would like to visit the Horse Trials on. You can then plan your visit and figure out whether you would be better off visiting on one day rather than another, so you can see the events you like the most.

But it’s not all about the Horse Trials. There are a range of other things to see and do while you are there, to make the day go with even more of a swing. Displays, competitions and riding clubs will all be there taking place as well, so it’s a nice day to enjoy with the whole family.

Before you plan your visit, take a look on the official website to check out the wide range of tickets and prices available. Some are only available in advance, but you can still buy a range of tickets on the day if you cannot book early enough to get them online. There are seat only tickets and admission tickets, so be sure you know which ones you want to get, how many and where you can get them from.

There is no doubt that the Blenheim International Horse Trials event looks to be as memorable in 2011 as it has been in the past. Will you be there to enjoy everything it has to offer?