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The Cotswolds is beautifully situated for anyone wanting to spend a week or more staying in the area.  One great example of somewhere you can go for a day trip is to Bath.  If you are staying in a holiday cottage somewhere near Lechlade for example, you are looking at a drive of little over an hour to reach Bath itself.

And there is actually no better place to go at the moment, because the Bath Literature Festival is going on.  It begins on Saturday 27th February and goes through until Sunday 7th March, so you have plenty of time to go and pay a visit.

If you have a love of literature in any form at all you should definitely make time to see this particular festival.  It is well known in Bath and it draws people from all kinds of places to come and see what is going on.  It draws lots of famous writers to attend as well, so you have the hope of seeing someone you have read and admired for a while.

The history of this festival goes back to 1995 and since then it has developed into something that people look forward to every year.  There is something for everyone here as well, as there is a huge difference between the various talks and events that are laid on.  For example the first day of the festival sees an hour long exploration of Winnie the Pooh.  Meanwhile on the 3rd March British actor Bill Paterson will talk about his acting life, as well as reading one of his short stories for the occasion.

As you can see the diversity is what attracts many people to visit the festival.  No matter what kind of writing or literature you like, you are sure to find something worth seeing here.  As such it is worth finding out what events are happening when.  This should enable you to plan ahead and organise your Cotswolds holiday around the event itself.  Of course if you have already planned your holiday you can simply choose a day to visit Bath and take in the festival as well.  Just be aware that you should book your tickets for the festival in advance.  Doing so as soon as possible would be a good idea.

The festival itself will be held in the Guildhall in Bath.  This is on the High Street, which you can reach quite easily.  This is a one way section of Bath that isn't too far from Pulteney Bridge in one direction and the Roman Baths in the other.  If you are travelling there by car you are best off parking somewhere nearby and walking the remaining distance to attend the Bath Literature Festival.

There is no doubt that if you are planning a UK weekend break or a holiday in the UK, this is a good time to visit the Cotswolds and the surrounding areas.  And since there is plenty more to do in Bath as well, you will be guaranteed to have an enlightening time.