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On Friday 13th January Steven Spielberg’s new movie, “War Horse”, debuted in British cinemas. But the story of its filming goes back way further, and it can be traced to Castle Combe, one of the dynamic locations you can visit if you come to see the Cotswolds.

This is not the first time that Castle Combe, located to the north west of Wiltshire, has been used in a film. It has also been the location chosen for the filming of “The Wolfman” and “Stardust”, although it looks as though the village will benefit from fresh interest in Mr Spielberg’s new movie.

The film is set around the time of World War I, so the village was transformed to allow for actors to dress appropriately for the times. The preparation for the filming took approximately one week, after which there was another week set aside for the filming itself. Residents had the exciting experience of watching the filming take place, sometimes right outside their front doors.

Ironically enough the section of the film that Castle Combe was chosen for showed a village in Devon. But even villages in that part of the country were not deemed to be good enough or appropriate enough to take on this important role. Instead Castle Combe was selected to be the place where part of the film was set.

“War Horse” is based on a children’s book, but you may also be aware that it was turned into a successful theatre production a few years ago. Now fans of the story and the film will be able to come to the Cotswolds to see where it was filmed. It is hoped that the village will benefit from this extra association with a newsworthy topic, so that it can bring in even more visitors over the coming weeks and months.

There are only a few hundred people living in this charming village, and it provides a superb choice for anyone looking to stay in an authentic Cotswolds cottage for a few days. The buildings along Main Street – where the filming took place – are quite stunning and if you head up this street you will be able to see the old market cross at the end. The cross itself can also be spotted in the movie, dressed with a call to arms to encourage locals to sign up and support the war effort.

It would be fair enough to expect the tourist industry in and around Castle Combe to receive a boost during 2012 and beyond, thanks to the appearance of the village in “War Horse”. So if you are keen to see the movie location for yourself, make sure you book a cottage in the Cotswolds now to get a prime spot to enjoy Castle Combe and the surrounding location. There has never been a better time to soak up centuries of history and attractive sights nearby. When will you make your booking to see it?