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Valentine’s Day is quickly chasing us out of our post-new year blues and the time has come to start planning how we’re going to treat our loved ones on this romantic day. With the internet constantly awash with videos and blog posts about other peoples' extravagant engagements and accomplishments, it can be somewhat demotivating when you feel you can’t compete with the romantic creativity of other couples.

Luckily for us there are some brilliant minds out there coming up with new ideas that we can use, one of which being Gluts and Gluttony’s new Valentine’s Day Delivery Service.

The principle is very simple. Rather than worry yourself with restaurants that can seem cliche and unnecessarily expensive, and rather than stress and concern yourself with cooking a full blown meal that can take hours and hours, why not order in food? This isn’t your average food delivery and all it takes is four simple steps.


  • 1. Pick a menu from one of the following the options: The Romantic Night In MenuThe I’ve Changed For Dinner MenuThe Everything But The Violinist Menu┬á
  • 2. Contact Gluts and Gluttony by calling 07805 262667 to place your order.┬á
  • ┬á

  • 3. Someone from Gluts and Gluttony will deliver your order to your chosen address on the day in a gorgeous hamper full of everything you need.┬á
  • ┬á

  • 4. Simply follow the instructions in the hamper to finish up the meal and serve yourselves a lovely romantic high quality three course meal.┬á


Each menu hamper will contain all of the ingredients necessary for the meal, although the majority of dishes will be ready and preprepared. There will also be a set of easy to follow instructions, a menu and all the sauces and spices you need to finish off the meal.

With everything sorted for you by Gluts and Gluttony, it’s hard to imagine a better way to spend your Valentine’s Day. You can find out more on the Gluts and Gluttony website.