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What better excuse could there be to come to the Cotswolds at the moment? With the summer months looking quite promising already weather wise, it might even keep dry as we enjoy the Royal International Air Tattoo taking place on the 17th and 18th of July.

This is not just a major UK event in the world of aviation – it pretty much tops the list globally as well. So if you love planes and you want to see some of the best ones in action above your head, this is the place to come.

But where exactly is it? Well even though you will be able to see the planes from a distance the show is based at RAF Fairford. This is a short distance south of Cirencester and you will see there are plenty of other major areas of the Cotswolds north of this as well. If you take a look on a map, you’ll spot such delightful places as Burford and Lechlade off to the eastern side of where RAF Fairford is situated. If you were staying in Self Catering Cotswolds accommodation in Lechlade for example, you could expect to get to RAF Fairford within about half an hour.

Obviously if you are going to be visiting the show on the weekend of the 16th and 17th, you need to be sure you leave your Cotswolds Accommodation in plenty of time to make it there. You can expect heavier traffic thanks to the popularity of the show.

Perhaps the most notable thing about the air show is that it is going to commemorate the incredible 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. While no one would want to see anything like this happen again, the organisers are keen to remember the events in style.

As such they have invited airplanes and members of the Air Force in each country to take part. This means that all the countries involved should be there – including the German Luftwaffe. This should prove to be a poignant event that will bring everyone together to remember a key moment in history. With planes from many different countries taking part it is a major event you won’t want to miss.

Remember that you should really buy tickets in advance of the event. You can go online to do this and there is plenty of information about the Royal International Air Tattoo there as well. A quick search should reveal all you need to know.

And if you haven’t got a holiday in the Cotswolds booked just yet, why not book a long weekend in conjunction with the show itself? You will no doubt enjoy this and it gives you the chance to enjoy a great display as well as a relaxing weekend away. What better opportunity could there be to escape for a few days into the Cotswolds countryside?

If you attend the Air Tattoo on one day you can always take in a picnic nearby on the second day and watch what you can from a different vantage point too.