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This isn’t easy to answer obviously and to be honest there isn’t a straight answer, but it seems to me that only YOU can answer this! At least that is what I start by saying! Potential owners (looking to buy into the Cotswolds) start their search for a ‘Classic Cotswold Cottage’ online via websites like Right Move and Prime Location and then they give us a call to get a little insight into the right areas and the wrong villages.

The number one point, we say, is that you should really love the house itself, after all a second home is a luxury not a necessity. Thereafter everything else can follow on. Chances are that the person asking the questions has stayed with us already and now fallen in love with the area realising that the Cotswolds is quite easy to get to from most parts of England. What then happens is that the customer starts the search for their dream Cotswold Cottage. See if you like what we have.

Here are my top five reasons for choosing the Cotswolds both for your second home but also for your holiday:

  • Location – very convenient from major conurbations and well serviced by major motorways. No need for airports or plane journeys here
  • Classic – arguably there is no more traditional part of England
  • Value – It is expensive (sorry!) but there’s a reason for this and as someone once said ‘you get what you pay for’!
  • Things to do – ok there’s no beach, but it has everything else within an hour; cities (Bath, Oxford), culture, attractions, walks… I could go on
  • Finally the pubs. This can be said about other parts of England, but there are so many good pubs in the Cotswolds that this alone is a reason to come to the region – there’s certainly plenty to keep you entertained here.

The next StepYour next task will be to consider which part of the Cotswolds you want to stay in, and to choose villages which will be ideal for your needs while you are here – don’t think just about living but if you are thinking of ‘holidays’ then think about your potential customers. You’ll soon find you are spoilt for choice, which is why it makes sense to think about what kind of holiday you would like to have.

For example, some people visit with their kids and have a thoroughly active holiday. They visit all the family friendly places the Cotswolds has to offer. Other people have a walking holiday in mind. In this case they will choose a Cotswold cottage that is close to many of the best walking routes through the area. With footpaths well marked on the Ordnance Survey maps, you are likely to find several options right on your doorstep at many of the cottages.

Another popular type of holiday is a cycling holiday. In this case, if you are bringing your own bike, you will need to find a cottage that offers cycle storage as well. Many of them do since cycling is a popular pastime in this part of the country, especially for visitors. But not all cottages offer this storage as a matter of course, so it is always worth looking closely to see what you can find.

Obviously you need to consider how large the cottage should be. If you are travelling with your partner you’ll need nothing more than a small cottage with one double room. Alternatively something bigger will clearly be required if you are bringing the whole family.

Consider the outdoor space each Cotswold cottage offers as well, for you as well as the potential guests. Will you be happy to spend a day relaxing – hopefully in the sun, you never know(!) – and perhaps enjoying a barbecue for dinner? Make sure you consider the facilities within your cottage. Think cooking, relaxing, and time to indulge. What would you want is probably what an average customer will want. Customers can bring certain provisions but it is also a good idea to make sure the cottage can provide everything they cannot take. Bike storage is one example, but somewhere to put wet and muddy walking boots is also important. Barbecues and outside patio equipment is nice to have as well if you want to enjoy some relaxation time.

Clearly there is much to consider. Start with the location and then go from there. You may find that if you get your choice just right, you will have more customers than you could imagine. Alternatively – and I would say this – you could keep the dream of a second home as just that ‘a dream’ and instead choose to visit lots of different areas and cottages by coming to stay with us! That way you keep me happy and busy, while you don’t have the heartache of dealing of problem solving when things go wrong! Well nothings perfect is it…..?

Get in contact with us if you are interested in finding more about Letting a Cotswold Cottage.