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lower-slaughter-manor-cottages-holiday.jpgThe Cotswolds really spoils you with an abundance of beautiful places to go, see and stay. If you haven’t yet booked a Cotswold holiday cottage for your next holiday in the Cotswolds, you have an enviable choice of places to go.

Stay in beautiful Bourton-on-the-Water.

Bourton-on-the-Water is always mentioned a lot and for good reason. A river runs through the village and several low bridges cross over it. It also has the appeal of offering a model village of the village, so you can decide whether you want to see the big or small version when you arrive!

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Stay in wonderful Blockley.

Blockley is another contender for the most beautiful spot in the Cotswolds. There are many golden-hued stone-built cottages here, and it was once a major hotspot for the production of silk. Nowadays it offers many a Cotswolds holiday cottage for tourists to stay in and use as a base for refreshing walks nearby.

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Stay in Painswick in the South Cotswolds.

Painswick may not be the most familiar name for visitors to the Cotswolds, yet this wool town features many buildings made from the famous Cotswold stone, and offers up many charming sights too. You can also pick up the Cotswold Way footpath if you stay here, as it meanders through the area.

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Stay in Upper- or Lower Slaughter.

The villages with the most dramatic names of all, have to be Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter. It is arguably the former that is the most beautiful and like Bourton-on-the-Water, Lower Slaughter has a wonderful stream running through it on one side of the quiet road. The Old Mill is a popular destination for many, not least for its tea shop, the ideal place to grab a coffee and to relax in the riverside outdoor seating area. Lower Slaughter is quiet, romantic and very beautiful indeed.

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Stay in picture perfect Stanton.

Finally let’s settle upon Stanton as an ideal place to finish our virtual journey. It’s small and offers up a true Cotswolds village that has not yet bowed to tourism. You can wander past stone cottages and really soak up the atmosphere that stands for the very best of the Cotswolds.

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