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October is almost upon us and that means we have the spookiest date of the year coming up – Halloween. If you are in the region of Stratford upon Avon in the next few weeks, you may want to consider popping down to Anne Hathaway’s cottage. There are things going on there that will be suitable for the season and also give you an opportunity to find out more about some of the characters in Shakespeare.

The events are tied up with half term week, which falls at the end of October this year. Those in charge have called the week Spooky Shakespeare, which is very fitting for the time of year!

Of course you might be looking to spend a few days away from home to recharge your batteries during the half term break. If this is the case a few days spent staying in Stratford upon Avon accommodation is the perfect way to do just that. It also means you won’t be too far away from Anne Hathaway’s cottage, which is located in Shottery.

Spooky Shakespeare offers the whole family a chance to go on a trail through the woods near the cottage itself. Many of Shakespeare’s characters came to an untimely end, and it is these characters who are the subject of the event. You can get a woodland trail map to help you along the way which costs just £1, so it might be worth investing in so you don’t miss any of the characters. Of course you will also get to see Anne Hathaway’s cottage itself, and it is a fascinating chance for kids to see how life was lived many years ago.

The cottage itself is easy to find, although you may want to drive there from the middle of Stratford upon Avon itself if you have children in tow. It’s only a short distance by car and there is a handy car park just yards up the road from the cottage itself. You can then find the entrance and step into the past as you go in.

If you visit on the 30th October you can also see a children’s puppet show which is being planned for that date. It is called “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, which is very appropriate for the date and for the half term holiday feeling!

You don’t have to stay in Stratford upon Avon for the half term week, but you will find a nice array of cottages available if you do decide to take a break. Stratford accommodation can be taken for the whole week or for a long weekend, depending on your needs and requirements. There are plenty of other Shakespeare properties to see as well, so you can teach the kids a lot about the famous Bard and his writings.

Stratford upon Avon is just a short distance north of some of the most famous villages in the Cotswolds too, so you can be sure you’ll have plenty to do!