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single-parents-1.pngWhen you go on holiday as a single parent you may from time to time need an extra pair of hands but with a bit of forward planning you will find yourself not missing that extra pair of hands at all and just having a fantastic time with your kids on holiday. First things first, you need to book your accommodation and there’s a lot to be said for booking into a Cotswold holiday cottage. It provides you with a good base for you and your children to settle into, a kitchen so you don’t have to eat out or eat unhealthily all the time you’re away and it will give you room to enjoy your evening with your feet up, a good book or the TV on without worrying about waking the kids.

Stay near Guiting Power and Cotswold Farm Park

If you plan ahead what Cotswold attractions you would like to visit when you’re here, you can choose your holiday cottage to be close to these too. Like Cotswold Farm Park, a great park for kids of all ages. This is a farm with rare breeds, a farm safari and play equipment too. The Touch Barn has been specially created to provide the whole family with a chance to hold baby rabbits and chicks. You might even get a chance to feed them. Demonstrations regularly take place in another barn too, including shearing, milking and lambing, depending on the time of year. It’s a fascinating learning experience for everyone.

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Stay near Cirencester and The Corinium Museum

Cirencester is quite different from the typical Cotswold villages simply due to it’s much larger size, but well worth visiting, not least bcause of the Corinium Museum. Definitely child-friendly place, this museum will take your family back to Roman times. Interactive displays can be found throughout the museum, drawing in both kids and adults alike. There are also regular workshops on offer, these are priced separately and change over time but they offer some great interaction.

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Stay near Toddington and GWSR

In the Cotswolds you can even take your kids back in time by hopping on board the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway, a steam train that takes you through the Cotswold countryside in style. There are different special events throughout the year, such as Santa Specials, Hogwarts Express and Thomas the Tank Engine, so plan ahead to coincide with the ones your kids especially would enjoy.

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Whatever your children’s ages, you will find plenty for them to see and do while you are holidaying in the Cotswolds.