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thatch3.pngIf you are the artistic sort, you’ll probably find inspiration wherever you look if you want to paint or draw. However it is hard to deny the wealth of inspiration available in the Cotswolds.

From charming villages such as Broadway, with its wide street and laid-back atmosphere, to Bourton on the Water, a village famous for its bridges over the River Windrush and the model village, there is inspiration wherever you look. All you need to do is book into your chosen Cotswold holiday cottage, pack your sketch pads and pencils and look forward to an inspirational time away.

Picture Perfect Holiday Cottages.

Indeed, if you choose wisely you may not need to wander too far from your Cotswold holiday cottage at all. If you pick somewhere with its own private garden, with fields and undulating hills just across the road, or even somewhere in the middle of a village, there will be scenes to sketch all around you.

The villages of the Cotswolds certainly provide plenty of scenes you can capture on canvas or paper. However it doesn’t matter what usually inspires you to sketch new drawings – the Cotswolds has something for all artistic tastes. Head out to an arboretum to see trees that are decades old. Commit Malmesbury Abbey or a similarly old and historic building to paper. Head out to the famous Cooper’s Hill, the site of the cheese rolling competition that takes place here on the Spring Bank Holiday each year. Take your inspiration from the sensational views the Cotswolds offers in abundance.

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Small Picture, Big Beauty.

Each artist will find beauty and a focus of their attention in very different things. While one will focus on an expansive scene, another will zone in on something relatively small, such as a flower coming into bloom. Whichever category you fall into, you will soon realise the Cotswolds can offer anything and everything that might cause you to bring out your sketch book and pencils.

So if you haven’t yet booked a holiday cottage this year, have a look at the best location you can find for your own holiday. Whether you book for a long weekend or a whole week, you won’t be short of artistic inspiration.

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