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hidcote-gardens-chipping-campden-manor-cottages.jpgThink of the Cotswolds and you think of rolling countryside, greenery and gardens resplendent in flowers and beauty. While every row of houses and cottages in the area seems to provide a beautiful display, the Cotswolds also has a great range of gardens on a larger scale that are worth seeing.

Abbey House Garden.

Abbey House Garden in Malmesbury is a good place to begin. Beautifully kept and filled with great attention to detail wherever you look, it may not be dog-friendly but it is filled with roses and provides the ideal place to find all kinds of bird life.

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Spetchley Park.

You may also travel from your Cotswolds holiday cottage to Spetchley Park. These gardens are perhaps not as well-known as many others in the area, but they are no less attractive. Enjoy the views over the Malvern Hills and pop into the tea room to rest your aching legs after a bracing walk.

Hidcote Gardens.

The beautiful Hodcote Gardens just outside Chipping Campden is a stunning place to visit. Make sure you bring a picnic so you have an opportunity to stay for longer and explore the amazing gardens here.

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Cerney House Garden.

Cerney House Garden is worth travelling some distance to see, wherever your Cotswolds holiday cottage happens to be. Located in North Cerney, the gardens include several specific areas, such as the kitchen garden and the walled garden. Take your time to wander round the various areas and to spot the seasonal displays you can see changing throughout the year.

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Mill Dene Garden.

Finally don’t miss your opportunity to visit Mill Dene Garden in Blockley. The garden stems from a couple’s desire to create something interesting and stunning in its own way. The site presented a challenge but as you will see, it is a challenge that was met quite successfully. Watch out for the bog garden and the grotto – just two of the features you will find here.

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Every Cotswold garden has something different to offer. During a stay in the Cotswolds you have a wonderful opportunity to visit several of them to see how much they stand apart from each other. Which one will be your own personal favourite?