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Stalls piled high with freshly-baked goods, local delicacies and all the delights you can handle does that get you in the mood to visit one or two of the Cotswolds’ farmers’ markets? We think it just might.

Monthly Cotswold Farmers Markets.

When you book into your Cotswold holiday cottage you will probably find you are quite close to at least one of the markets that are regularly available in the area. Farmers’ markets tend to take place in the latter half of the week from Thursdays onwards. Do check from place to place though, as times and days can change. Typically speaking, each area has one market that takes place once a month. For instance in Stow on the Wold you can head out to the farmers’ market there on the second Thursday in the month. In Witney the marketplace is taken over on the fourth Friday.

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The best in locally sourced produce.

Once you arrive at your Cotswold holiday cottage, check the times for the forthcoming markets so you can plan your days out round them. These are the markets not to miss, as they provide all the produce you could want for enjoying a locally-sourced meal in the comfort of your cottage.

Markets in the Cotswolds aren’t just about food though. You can visit all manner of other markets as well. The craftsman’s market takes place in the Corn Hall in Cirencester twice a month for instance, usually on the first and third Saturday. This is an all-day event, or at least from 10am to 4pm. If antiques are your thing, head to the same hall on a Friday from 9am onwards to see if you can locate any major finds.

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General markets are also available in many areas. Northleach, Tetbury, Cirencester and Moreton-in-Marsh all have general markets on various days. You can even head out to some WI country markets for something altogether different. Fairford, Moreton-in-Marsh and Chipping Campden all have similar markets available.

As you can see, if you love nothing better than to explore a local market at some point, the Cotswolds has plenty to offer. You’ll never have the same experience twice, regardless of which ones you visit.