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Quite often we here at Manor Cottages receive an email or a call from a guest who is considering the idea of purchasing a second home in the Cotswolds. We’re obviously well placed to provide advice and tips on how to let your cottage – the suitability of the property for holiday rentals and what are the most popular types of holiday cottages, but to us the important bit is to get what YOU want. We are often amazed at the financial promises made from holiday companies of the income potential you will get from a property, but the important point for us is that you purchase something that you imagine yourself in! If you start from this point, you won’t go far wrong, after all would you choose to holiday in a cottage that sits on a busy main road!?

In certain instances you might want or need advice on finding this property and also in negotiating a good price and this often can be best done through a property search expert. Recently Manor Cottages were approached by Jordan Hennessy who are property search specialists, especially in the Cotswolds. Jane and her team have developed a good reputation in helping people and we think you might be interested to hear more, if this is something you are considering. Please note that Manor Cottages are not affiliated or linked in any way to Jordan Hennessy and of course there are other property search companies to consider. Below is a simple introduction from the JH company, who would be delighted to hear from you.

A Cotswold love affair

There is something about the Cotswolds that seeps into your soul. The ability to shed formality and take a very deep breath as you stride out into the glorious rolling landscape, the presence of a dog or horse, arbitrary and never essential. But the peace is, and the majesty of some of the most beautiful English countryside. We of course, are not the first to notice. And the ancient stone buildings that seem to emerge from the very essence of the place stands testament to their custodians and our predecessors leading the way. We continue to love it and we add to it with access to some of the other great pleasures in life – great food, wine and gorgeous country retreats. Buying your own home in the Cotswolds becomes, then, a challenge. If everyone wants a piece how do we find the best we can in the most lovely place that is not just about stone buildings, no matter how beautiful, but also the community and the local customs.

That’s when you need independent advice of the highest quality that comes from those of us who really know where the best paths are, the finest woods, the breath taking views and all the amenities that make it pure joy.Call us if you are thinking of buying. Jordan Hennessy – completely independent, diligent, discreet and market beating. With all the local knowledge and networks that really matter. Email or call 01608 647970.

Good luck with your search and if you are thinking of making the cottage available for holiday lets, then you know where to come for advice! Give Manor Cottages a call on 01993 824 252 of course!