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Do You Fancy Watching Some Jousting At Blenheim Palace?

There is no doubt that Blenheim Palace is one of the jewels of the Cotswolds. If you are staying in a Cotswolds country cottage or taking a UK holiday in the area, you will find yourself within easy striking distance of the palace.

However you will not want to be within striking distance of the people who will be at Blenheim Palace from the 6th to the 8th August, when a jousting contest will be taking place there.

If you know anything at all about jousting you know it can be a very colourful and exciting event to watch. Obviously everyone taking part will be going home in one piece, but it is still fun to see how it all happens. The horses and their riders will be properly attired for the event, and you certainly won’t be able to miss them.

The whole event is based around this medieval practice, and it looks set to be realistic enough to make you wonder if you have been transported back in time. There will be other events taking place over this long weekend as well, so if you have a family holiday planned in the Cotswolds this will be an ideal place to take the kids for the day.

Archery and falconry are among the other events taking place there; you can even try your hand at the archery yourself if you wish. And if the weather is good why not take a picnic to the event so you can sit back and enjoy everything that is going on there?

Another advantage of coming here is that you will have the whole of the palace itself to explore as well. The palace definitely has a strong history; Sir William Churchill was born here and a lot of other famous names from history are also associated with the palace. Indeed as far as Churchill himself is concerned, there is a whole exhibition dedicated to the former British Prime Minister at Blenheim. Make sure you see it while you are visiting.

It is also easily reached no matter where you are staying in the Cotswolds. Chipping Norton is a short distance to the North West along the A44, and Burford is just out to the west as well. Bicester is just away to the north east, and with lots of other well known Cotswolds villages and towns nearby as well, you won’t have far to travel.

You can also enjoy the aptly named Pleasure Gardens along with the rest of the family. There is a huge hedge maze here, and you can enjoy a ride on the narrow gauge train that will take you there. What more could you want from a day out together?

There is no doubt that the jousting experience will be one to see if your holiday in the Cotswolds is timed just right. Even a long UK weekend break will be perfect if it falls on that same weekend.