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Even though it is already underway, the Fringe Festival in Bath doesn’t actually finish until Sunday 12th June. So although you may have missed the first few days you can still get the best out of the festival for 2011 if you are visiting Bath in the next few days.

There are seventeen glorious days that celebrate all the different art forms that exist. These are spread over lots of different venues rather than all taking place in the same location, so wherever you are you are bound to be able to see something going on. This is an excellent chance to see some new acts and performances as well, and some of them may turn out to be rather unusual too!

Everything from comedy to cabaret to music is included, and some of the events are ideal for children as well. Check to see the range of events that is on before you travel. Some of them are free to enter while others incur a small charge. Full information is available on the official Bath Fringe Festival website.

The Green Park Tavern, the Spiegeltent and Komedia are just three of the venues that look set to host some memorable events this year. The official website also reveals which venues have full access for wheelchairs so you will know what to expect before you arrive. The Spiegeltent in particular is an essential part of the Bath Fringe Festival, as it is much loved by the audience and performers alike. It has been there for several years and is very unlike any other tent you will have seen. Being part of any show experience in the Spiegeltent is well worth it, and something different to anything else you will have done in the past.

The good news is that you can also combine this event with the chance to spend some time in Bath itself as well. Reaching Bath couldn’t be easier, regardless of whether you get there by train or car. There is plenty to see and do in Bath and you can check which shows you want to see as part of the festival, before planning what to do and when during your weekend there.

This is a perfect time of year to book an English country cottage or something similar while you are away too. Imagine being able to check into a nice property somewhere in Bath or its outskirts that you can return to after having a nice day out. These properties are usually available for short breaks as well as longer stays, so check and see when you would like to stay. Last minute bookings are always a possibility.

As you can see, if you were planning to visit Bath in the near future anyway, perhaps now would be the best time to do it. It means you get a chance to experience the best of the Bath Fringe Festival as well – but hurry, it finishes on 12th June.