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horse-racing-cotswolds-manor-cottages.pngWith rolling hills and sensational views everywhere you look, the Cotswolds is well-designed for outdoor pursuits of all kinds. Of course, you don’t have to put on your sturdy walking boots or sit astride a bike saddle to enjoy them. You can stand and watch other people getting involved instead – and there is no better way to do this than to enjoy a spot of racing in the Cotswolds.

The Cotswolds has been a great spot for horse racing for many centuries – ever since Saxon times, at the very least. Even the original Cotswolds Olimpicks, held some 300 years ago, included horse racing as one of the events.

Nowadays things are rather more orderly, but you can still book a holiday here to coincide with one of the best racing events in the calendar.

The Cheltenham Festival

We couldn’t write a piece like this without mentioning Cheltenham Racecourse. There are two courses here, the old course and the new one. Innovative names they aren’t, but the racing here can be thrilling to say the least. The four-day festival takes place in March, so check the dates and the availability of nearby holiday cottages to make the most of the event. You can of course visit at other times of the year, such as when the racing season begins in October.

Head for Lansdown Hill for a spot of racing at Bath

Bath isn’t too far away, and with the Bath Racecourse at Lansdown Hill available, it opens the doors to more than just the Roman baths. This is a very relaxed and welcoming course, too, so it might be ideal if this is your first trip to a racecourse.

Warwick Racecourse

Situated out to the north of the Cotswolds, Warwick Racecourse is a mere 35 minutes or so from Moreton-in-Marsh, so it is easily accessible from many of the classic spots in the Cotswolds.

Just outside the city centre, and located by the River Severn, it makes the most of an attractive spot and opens the way to some amazing races. They’ve been racing here since 1718 – and perhaps even earlier – so you’ll get a real sense of history when you visit.

So, if you love horse racing and you want to witness it in front of your eyes for the first time, you can book a Cotswolds-based holiday to coincide with some of the best horse-racing events in the calendar.