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If the answer is no, make sure you are free on Saturday 10th September. This is when you’ll have the chance to attend such a fayre in the middle of the Gloucestershire countryside. If you are still none the wiser, read on for more information.

You should allocate the whole day to attending if you can, because there is a lot more to look forward to here than just onions! The main attraction is of course the Onion Show, where people can enter their own growing achievements to see if they can win a prize. If you thought you knew all about onions and how big they are, think again. This show will give you a whole new perspective on them.

But although the Onion Show is the centrepiece of the Onion Fayre, it’s not the only delight to look forward to. The show features a sensational food festival as well, which takes place in the Budgens car park. This is a great opportunity to get a look at the local producers and their wares, as well as sampling a range of food and drink to see what you’d like to buy. As you can imagine this is an ideal day out if you have booked into a Cotswolds country cottage for the weekend, because you can buy things to take back and cook for your time away.

There are plenty of things for the kids to enjoy while you are out and about too. There are fairground rides here and lots of sideshows and stalls to explore. In fact the adults are bound to enjoy this part of the fairground just as much as the kids do.

If you have what it takes to gain the admiration of the crowd you can also enter the Onion Eating competition. This always draws a lot of attention and it’s easy to see why! There are two separate competitions here, with one for women and one for men. The men get the biggest onion to eat and the task is simple – to eat it as quickly as possible. Could you be willing to give it a try?

With various other events and attractions forming other parts of the huge one day show, there is no doubt that the Onion Fayre is well worth seeing. Whatever you think of onions you’ll still find plenty more to do and enjoy throughout the day.

The fayre itself is easy to get to. It’s situated in Newent in Gloucestershire, which is out to the north west of Gloucester itself. It’s just south of the M50 and you can get to it via the B4216, which runs north to south through Newent. The B4221 arrives in Newent from the west, while the B4215 arrives in Newent from the north and east.

Wherever you might be in the area on Saturday 10th September, make sure you make plans to attend the Onion Fayre. You’ll be glad you did, and it’s certainly got plenty to entertain you with.