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The Cotswolds Wildlife Park In Burford


If you are travelling to the Burford region or anywhere within 30 minutes of Burford with children, we absolutely recommend a visit to the Cotswold Wildlife Park. Situated just 2 miles south of the Oxfordshire town Burford and set in over 160 acres of stunning parklands, the Cotswolds Wildlife Park is the perfect place for visitors and children especially to enjoy a tranquil setting. The park is so much more than a scenic dwelling however, for it houses a diverse species of animals; some of which are critically endangered. The park is separated into four different sections, birds, large mammals, primates and small mammals, and reptiles and amphibians, and each maintained by a team of dedicated keepers.

For those of you who enjoy stunning gardens, the Park has some of the best in the region and are regularly commended and with the café are a lovely addition to enjoy.


The park houses over 130 different species of birds, which range in size from the smallest Zosterops to the largest of all birds, the Ostrich. The park is renowned for its breeding programme, and was in fact the first UK park to successfully breed the Great Indian Hornbill, amongst others. Regular events within the bird section include feeding the penguins, which takes place everyday at 11.00am and 3.00pm.

Large Mammals

The large mammal section is a very popular place to visit as it contains the big cats, including Asiatic Lion, and the larger zoo animals such as the Giraffe, Oryx, Camels and Tapir. There is also a chance to see more unusual animals like the Visayan Warty Pigs and the Capybara. The park takes part in specialised breeding programmes in line with other zoos to maintain the numbers of endangered species on the brink of extinction.

Primates and Small Animals

Lemurs are fascinating creatures and the park offers a rare insight into the lives of these amazing primates. Check out the Madagascan Walkthrough exhibit, which lets you get up close and personal with these little animals. You can also walk around the Walled Garden area of the Park, where you’ll also find many other small mammals, such as the Black Tailed Prairie Dog, White Faced Saki, Yellow Mongoose, Collared Brown Lemur and the Ground Cuscus.

Reptiles and Amphibians

The Cotswold Wildlife Park boasts one of the largest reptile collections in the UK, alongside the largest snake species, which include Reticulated Pythons and Green Anacondas. They also contain some of the most poisonous and deadly, such as the Black Mamba, Gaboon Viper and Puff Adder. The park is proud to boast their greatest breeding achievement of successfully mating Morelet’s crocodiles, as at this present time, they are the only wildlife park that has managed to breed this species.

As well as the diverse species of animals, the Cotswolds Wildlife Park also houses a wealth of different species of plants, which radiate out from the centrepiece of the park, the Victorian Manor House. The plants are an integral part of the park and work in harmony with the animals, providing the backbone and setting for the wildlife that resides in the park. The maintenance and replanting in and around the animal enclosures is one particular challenge that typical parks do not face, and as such, makes the work much more interesting for the keepers and visitors.

Here are some of the pending dates:

The park holds special events throughout the year, including

  1. Rhino Week between 5th- 13th April,
  2. Cotswold Falconry between 18th-21st April and 3rd – 5th May,
  3. Scruffs Dog Show on 10th May,
  4. Lemur Week between 24th May – 1st June,
  5. Three car rallies including MG's in the Park on 1st June 2014, a Heritage Rally on 22nd June 2014 and Fairthorpe Car Rally on 10th August,
  6. For plant lovers there is there is the annual RHS Plant Day on 10th September.

For more information check out the official website Cotswolds Wildlife Park

DiscountManor Cottages have been given a small selection of discounted entry cards for people planning a visit soon. Normal entry is £14.50 and £10 for adults and children respectively and £10 for the over 65’s , instead our vouchers offers you entry for £11.50 and £8.00 respectively. All children aged under 3 go free. Please note that these are limited in number and we cannot gurantee availability, but will try to help!!

If you are staying in the Cotswolds area and especially in one of our local Burford Holiday Cottages give us a call and we will see if the tickets are available for use.