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hot-chocolate-in-the-cotswolds-holiday-cottages.pngIf you’re in the Cotswolds and you are desperate for a drink, you could stop off for a tea, a coffee or something stronger if you’re not driving. But how about a hot chocolate for a change?

There are plenty of venues in the Cotswolds that serve quite spectacular hot chocolates to die for, so book your self into a Manor Cottages holiday cottage and go check out the hot chocolates in the Cotswolds. BOOK YOURS HERE


Many have spoken of The Angel at Burford and their ‘amazing’ hot chocolate – served with whipped cream on top (is there any other way?) – in the High Street in Burford.


‘Proper’ hot chocolate is also served in Cotswold Artisan Coffee in Cirencester if you happen to go there. According to Trip Advisor the food and service is excellent as well.

Another superb location to try is The Inn at Fossebridge. During the winter months they fire up the log fires and give visitors the chance to enjoy a walk around the lake and the grounds. Once you’ve completed that stroll, you can head indoors for one of their signature hot chocolates.

Huffkins is a very successful set of tea rooms across the Cotswolds. You can find them in Stow-on-the-Wold, Witney, Burford and Stratford-upon-Avon. Wherever you find tea and coffee, you can usually find a great hot chocolate not far behind, and Huffkins is no exception here. And as if that wasn’t enough for you, you can check out their superb range of cakes as well.


One of the main highlights to be found in the Cotswolds is a place called the New England Coffee House. Don’t be put off by the name though – they are renowned for their hot chocolate. They make it according to your preferences too, so if you love it thick and creamy, that’s how it will be served. According to their website, some people end up eating theirs with the help of a spoon!

Wherever your holiday cottage is located in the Cotswolds, make sure you check out some of the local haunts to see whether you can find the ideal hot chocolate treat to enjoy.